“On December 22nd, Market Watch ran a story by Quentin Fottrell entitled 10 Things Apple Won’t Say. Trust me, you won’t find insight like this anywhere else. ‘Things Apple Won’t Say #1: We’re running out of ideas,'” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “Just three months after that September mass unveiling, I think we can all agree Apple won’t say that.”

“But of course, Quentin’s point is quite the opposite. He starts with a positive quote from Morningstar analyst Brian Colello about the record-setting performance of iPhone 6. Then he drops that horrifying other shoe: ‘There’s just one problem: Colello doesn’t see the company developing another blockbuster product anytime soon — and neither do a lot of other industry experts,'” Segall writes. “Even by doomsayer standards, this is a remarkable leap. One potential blockbuster, Apple Pay, has barely launched. Another potential blockbuster, Apple Watch, is still three months away. Yet Quentin and his expert witness smell disaster because they don’t see a next blockbuster product. Good grief.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Quentin Fottrell is a bug smashed into a crusty wad of Michael Blair gum stuck to the bottom of an old foul-smelling Enderle shoe sported by a Hawaiian-shirted half-wit hit-whore named John C. Dvorak.