That was fast: Apple is doomed again

“On December 22nd, Market Watch ran a story by Quentin Fottrell entitled 10 Things Apple Won’t Say. Trust me, you won’t find insight like this anywhere else. ‘Things Apple Won’t Say #1: We’re running out of ideas,'” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “Just three months after that September mass unveiling, I think we can all agree Apple won’t say that.”

“But of course, Quentin’s point is quite the opposite. He starts with a positive quote from Morningstar analyst Brian Colello about the record-setting performance of iPhone 6. Then he drops that horrifying other shoe: ‘There’s just one problem: Colello doesn’t see the company developing another blockbuster product anytime soon — and neither do a lot of other industry experts,'” Segall writes. “Even by doomsayer standards, this is a remarkable leap. One potential blockbuster, Apple Pay, has barely launched. Another potential blockbuster, Apple Watch, is still three months away. Yet Quentin and his expert witness smell disaster because they don’t see a next blockbuster product. Good grief.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Quentin Fottrell is a bug smashed into a crusty wad of Michael Blair gum stuck to the bottom of an old foul-smelling Enderle shoe sported by a Hawaiian-shirted half-wit hit-whore named John C. Dvorak.


  1. They are desperate. All the other platforms are crumbling under their feet. The only ammunition they have left is FUD. At least in late 2012 and a much of 2013 they had bigger smartphone screens to fallback on, but that advantage went bye-bye. Lies and half-truths won’t save them. They are finished.

  2. Just read an article about why airliners are hated. But one airliner, JetBlue, stood out for a while but caved to wallstreet investors and started charging for baggage. “Too Customer” focused they said.

    “the company (JetBlue) had been getting trashed by Wall Street analysts for being too “customer focussed,” and if we know anything about Wall Street, it’s that it hates it when companies deliver good value to customers because it means there’s less money left over for shareholders.”

    . . . IF that doesn’t sound like Apple and wallstreet!

    1. Good observation, but what about companies like Amazon? They provide cheaper products with fast delivery that customers love, but they make zero money for their shareholders. Wall Street still loves that charity. What about Google? Up until recently, consumers loved their search engine and quirky little clown car inventions, but their GAAP earnings have near zero growth. Wall Street still loves that clunker.

      Much of Wall Street is like a fashion show. They pick the shiniest object that some Zoolander decides is a winner and run with it. Fortunately, there is a report card every three months and while the shysters tried to hide the reality with accounting magic, the truth is eventually revealed and the companies on the right side of history prevail.

    2. “Too customer focused” is exactly what we expect in this sad era of biznizz bozos who demand destroying companies by treating the customer as an adversary. It’s not business. It’s parasitism. This is FAKE capitalism for the quick and easy buck makers who have NO sense of future.

      So of course these suicidal dickheads despise Apple, who is entirely the opposite: REAL capitalists who recognize the customer as their partner. That’s the way capitalism works, as opposed to the excremental fake capitalism of the bozoids.

  3. Jeez, look at business history! Companies that last a long time do so because they give their customers good value for the money that they spend over a long period of time.

    Companies that don’t last long bet their survival on creating a new monster product every quarter.

    Hmmmmm….is is just possible that there is a right way and a wrong way to do business?

    Shazam, yes there is! Make products that satisfy people year in and year out for a profit, and you dont have to worry about the damn quarterlies and the stock price.

    Simple huh?

    Having said that, there are some clouds on the horizon, hopefully they will be dealt with. iOS quality as we go forward, not a good trend there, and OSX becoming more like iOS, also not a good trend.

    But those things can be dealt with. If not, then quarterlies and stock price will matter A LOT more than they do now.

  4. Let me see if I understand this logic…

    Apple has done amazingly well, but no company can possibly continue at their success rate, which means they are going to fail… Because they’re bound to do so. Yeah, that makes sense.

  5. Things Apple Won’t Say #1: We’re running out of ideas

    All anyone needs to do is watch for and read new Apple patents to know that Quentin Fottrell is either willfully stupid or just plain old stupid. Seriously. And no, I’m not going to bother to list the patents and highlight exactly the direction Apple is going. But I could! Why don’t ‘analysts’ bother to do their homework? Hmm???

    ‘Hello in there! Anybody at home?!’

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