“Apple’s market value surpassed $700 billion in Tuesday trading, an unprecedented milestone among U.S. companies,” Michael Liedtke reports for The Associated Press. “The iPhone and iPad maker is worth so much that it stretches the imagination.”

“Consider the buying power of $700 billion,” Liedtke reports. “It could buy 935 million models of the iPhone 6 Plus with 16 gigabytes of storage. That would be nearly enough to distribute Apple’s latest gadget du jour to everyone living in North America and Europe. Or you could just buy 1.4 billion units of the 16GB iPad Air 2, enough to give Apple’s latest tablet to everyone in China.”

Liedtke reports, “It could pay for Thanksgiving dinner — and not just for the Americans who celebrate it. The American Farm Bureau estimates the average Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings for 10 people will cost $49.41 this year. At that price, $700 billion would cover 14.2 billion Thanksgiving meals. That’s twice the world’s population.”

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