What you could buy with Apple’s $700 billion market value

“Apple’s market value surpassed $700 billion in Tuesday trading, an unprecedented milestone among U.S. companies,” Michael Liedtke reports for The Associated Press. “The iPhone and iPad maker is worth so much that it stretches the imagination.”

“Consider the buying power of $700 billion,” Liedtke reports. “It could buy 935 million models of the iPhone 6 Plus with 16 gigabytes of storage. That would be nearly enough to distribute Apple’s latest gadget du jour to everyone living in North America and Europe. Or you could just buy 1.4 billion units of the 16GB iPad Air 2, enough to give Apple’s latest tablet to everyone in China.”

Liedtke reports, “It could pay for Thanksgiving dinner — and not just for the Americans who celebrate it. The American Farm Bureau estimates the average Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings for 10 people will cost $49.41 this year. At that price, $700 billion would cover 14.2 billion Thanksgiving meals. That’s twice the world’s population.”

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          1. botvinnik, the Jekyll and Hyde of the MDN forums. Sometimes he is funny. Sometimes he posts cogent opinions. And sometimes he sounds like an intractable political fanatic.

            Best o’ the season to you, botty. May you find peace and goodwill.

      1. botty, remember when your deadbeat father told you to stop talking to yourself like that just before he went to the psychiatric ward of the prison? You’re going to end up just like him. Now come up from the basement and eat your supper.

    1. I think it would be more fun for Apple to spend money to try to copycat Google’s search engine business and slowly suck the life out of Google’s ad business. I’m certain Apple could do it with the growing number of iOS mobile devices in countries where consumers spend the most money. It would be of no use for Google to dominate ad market share in third-world countries. Buying Google would be too easy and they wouldn’t feel the grief of seeing their business slowly dwindle.

      1. Adobe had great products but I don’t know if they are salvageable, they have farmed out the programming to India I believe awhile ago. They haven’t been surpassed by anyone else because they bought out Macromedia their only real competitor, but that does not mean that their products are as good as they could be. It would be very difficult to fix all the problems with Adobe products without starting over from scratch with modern programming tools and methods.

        1. Interesting points.

          Apple could reinvent Adobe from a PRO perspective which is an important distinction.

          Separate and unequal from the escalating dumbed down iWorks software that exists as inferior copies of other pro software makers, but iwoohoo it just works and syncs.

          One suite for kids and one for adults. Not that simplistic really, but certainly a tiered software structure is sorely lacking at Apple to appeal to everyone.

          The last few years Apple software has had a chilling affect on myself and other power users either being dumbed down or discontinued altogether …

      1. Wow, you guys suck at math.

        McD’s: four items each off dollar menu, burger, fries, fruit parfait and soda, leaves money for tax and tip….

        T-Day dinner: whole turkey, bag of potatoes, gallon of milk, ingredients for stuffing, four cans of green beans, ingredients for two pumpkin pies…. If you can’t get that for under fifty bucks, you’re living in somewhere other than America.

        And are also very very stupid….

    1. Cool, yet with that amount- to buy 900+ million iPhones 6, would be foolish. Plus, they are Apple, and its crazy to pay retail for a product they make. LOL

      Buy Adobe and Microsoft out. And flush them down forever.

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