With iPhone 6/Plus, Apple taking bigger slice of the smartphone pie

“Apple has long held a lucrative slice of the global smartphone market,” Dan Gallagher reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Now, its upsized iPhone 6 models may be helping it carve out a bigger piece of the pie.”

“The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus finally brought Apple into the world of larger-screen smartphones. This negates some of the advantage that Samsung and other makers of Android-based phones enjoyed. It showed in results for the quarter ended in September, which included the initial launch of the iPhone 6,” Gallagher reports. “Unit sales of iPhones jumped 16% year over year, while Samsung’s smartphone shipments fell 8% in that period, IDC estimates.”

“Apple’s share in smartphones will likely remain limited by the fact that the company chooses not to play in the low end of the market,” Gallagher reports. “But the iPhone doesn’t need to be the share leader to be a wildly profitable business…”

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  1. Yesterday I noted iPads creeping back into Costco’s too but mostly seemed like WiFi models. It’s going to be a hell of a quarter for Apple. Maybe WS will finally see Apple is around to stay, and conquer where it matters most.

    All the competition poseurs have dropped to the high volume/minimum profit level competing the only place they can on low price. BUT $100-200 is still too much to pay for dust attractors & idle lonely drawer filler.

  2. “But the iPhone doesn’t need to be the share leader to be a wildly profitable business…”

    I honestly don’t understand why Wall Street finds this such a hard thing to understand. Moving products in quantity has absolutely nothing to do with profitability or success. It doesn’t matter how many units you sell if the books don’t balance at the end. Apple’s sales strategy seems to have been thoroughly thought out through every stage from design to end sale and beyond that to after-sales support. Yet all Wall Street ever thinks about is market share while tossing everything else aside. Their way of thinking is just so incredibly stupid and short-sighted.

    When analysts sadly say Apple’s iPad replacement cycle is too long I can only shake my head in disgust. To even suggest that companies should try to build-in obsolescence for their products is showing that Wall Street has its priorities all wrong. They seem to give praise to these companies building those nearly-useless, disposable $50 Android tablets because they’re gaining market share. That’s really sad.

    1. Wall Street’s “analysis” is purposely designed to goad companies into lowering their profitability so that traders can manipulate – or control – the stock price to buy and sell as they please. Apple will not play that game, so Apple continues to be vilified.

  3. Received my 6 Plus Gray 64GB on Tuesday and ordered an iPhone 6 Gold 64GB for my wife last night. She wanted the smaller phone since it’s easier for her to handle and less bulky in her purse.

    I must admit though, I can see why some people would like to have the 5s model with the same updated specifications. The new phones really are a bit of a handful, and I do miss the compactness of my old iPhone 4.

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