“Samsung Electronics stumbled again this week, announcing it had indefinitely postponed the roll out of phones running its home-grown Tizen operating system in Russsia,” Aaron Pressman reports for Yahoo Finance.

“Tizen, which replaces the Google Android system that powers most Samsung smartphones, was supposed to help make the South Korean company’s phones more appealing, or perhaps even cheaper,” Pressman reports. “But few customers want a smartphone that can’t run popular apps and Tizen doesn’t offer many. In a brief statement explaining the delay, Samsung cited problems with the ‘Tizen ecosystem.'”

MacDailyNews Take: As in: It doesn’t exist.

“The latest problem follows a slew of knocks and shortfalls for Samsung,” Pressman reports. “Phone and tablet sales have slumped and Samsung reported its lowest profit in two years in the second quarter. Operating income dropped 24% from a year earlier to 7.2 trillion won, or $7.1 billion, for the three months ended June 30.”

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Samsung “didn’t give any details about what precisely needed to be defined or how long the delay would be,” Geoffrey Smith reports for Fortune, “but the reference to the ‘Tizen ecosystem’ hinted at fresh concerns over the availability of apps and related services that are needed to make the product sell.”

Smith reports, “Samsung has already launched Tizen-driven smartwatches and cameras, but is desperate to extend it to smartphones in order to gain more control over the end-user experience in its most important products. Its license agreement with Google restricts its freedom to make more than cosmetic changes to the Android system.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung is an immoral outfit that deserves every bit of misery and failure it experiences and then some.

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