Dear Google,

Thank you for the opportunity to join the recent wave of Google Glass Explorers last month. As a longtime user of Google products, I had been awaiting this opportunity ever since I didn’t make it into the ranks of Glass pioneers last year. The ability to integrate a heads-up display with my Google+, Google Play and Google Maps accounts was promising indeed, so I was thrilled to receive my package.

After three weeks of usage, I have changed my mind. Please find enclosed a charcoal-gray Glass Explorer Edition package. I anticipate my refund.

For further customer feedback, please read the following items.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Lake

1. Eye contact (or lack thereof)
2. Not a good listener
3. Battery death
4. Bulk
5. Conspicuousness
6. Tilted photos
7. Directions drawbacks
8. Oh, that earbud
9. Explorer envy
10. Too little, too soon

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Par for the course for Our Lady of Perpetual Beta.

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