“All of these manufacturers and creators are charging forward into the smartwatch arena with some interesting and incremental improvements to the watch. However, none has created anything that will resurrect the watch for whole generations of people who have either abandoned it in favor of smartphone clocks — or never wore one in the first place,” Chris Maxcer writes for TechNewsWorld.

“Here’s what I see happening in 2014: The Android crowd will continue to release smartwatches and wearable jewelry, making progress… none of it will hit any sort of true tipping point of mass adoption until Apple joins the party,” Maxcer writes. “At that point, smartwatches will transition from becoming interesting gadgets to enter mainstream consciousness.”

“When you think through the elements, there’s a lot of reasons why this space won’t tip until Apple plays its hand. The most obvious reason is that Apple has at least 100 million truly loyal customers who at the same time make up a demographic that would consider dropping hundreds of dollars on a glorified watch. This set of customers won’t buy Android-based solutions in 2014,” Maxcer writes. “Apple’s iPhone-using population might be dwarfed by the overall Android-using population, but — even when you count the tech-lovin’ geeks who appreciate how well Android lets them tinker and play — the iPhone population of gadget buyers who will spend $200-plus on a wrist gadget is larger.”

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