Apple’s iPad 4 vs. iPad Air

“The iPad 4 is back! Apple has announced that the iPad 2 is being discontinued, and that the iPad 4 – which is just called ‘iPad with Retina display’ on the Apple Store – is being revived to takes its place,” David Price reports for Macworld UK. “In this article we present our updated iPad 4 review, and help you decide whether you should buy the iPad 4 or the iPad Air (or something else entirely).”

“The iPad Air is more powerful than the iPad 4 – about twice as fast, at least on paper. But you won’t experience that in your day-to-day use, since most apps aren’t demanding enough to push even the iPad 4’s processor to its limits. As more and more demanding and ambitious apps are released in the coming months and years, the iPad Air will come into its own,” Price reports. “A more significant difference is weight and portability: the iPad Air is beautifully slim and light, and ideally suited to one-handed reading and browsing.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Both iPads are very nice. After upgrading to each new iPad before the Air, I decided to pass on the iPad Air. I like the new form factor of the iPad Air, however, my current iPad 4 is adequate.

    I am hoping that the iPad 2 will have the following improvements:

    Much better cameras. My Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has a much better rear camera which is very useful with scanner apps for research and note taking.

    Faster processor, iBooks can take over ten minutes to render large, detailed books in a new font size.

      1. Unacceptable.

        Just for the record, the problem is in the software iOS 7 not the hardware. Only God knows what the heck they (programmers) are doing to load a book, so much so that it shows when loading a large book.

        It would be interesting to know how long other book apps take when loading a similarly large book.

    1. “I am hoping that the iPad 2 will have the following improvements:”

      Did you read right?

      “Apple has announced that the iPad 2 is being discontinued”

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