Apple’s iPhone 6 may boast mind-blowing PowerVR ‘Wizard’ graphics

“If you were impressed by the gaming capabilities of the iPhone 5s’ A7 chip, the next iPhone might very well blow your mind,” Michael Andronico reports for LAPTOP Magazine. “Imagination Technologies, the company behind the graphics portion of Apple’s processor, has revealed a new build of its graphics architecture that will allow for more realistic lighting and shadows than ever.”

“Announced at Game Developers Conference 2014, Imagination Technologies’ new PowerVR ‘Wizard’ cores will allow for realistic reflections and transparencies that were ‘previously unachievable in a mobile form factor,'” Andronico reports. “Wizard GPUs will take advantage of ray tracing, which is a graphics generation technique that simulates encounters between virtual objects. The PowerVR GR6500 will be the first core in the Wizard family, allowing for ray tracing at 300 million rays per second.”

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  1. “The iPhone 6’s ___________ will blow your mind!” articles annoy the hell out of me. None of them are ever correct, and all they do is raise unrealistic expectations (and the stock price) just to bring it crashing back down once Apple “fails to follow through” on these glorified opinion-writers’ visions of what Apple “should” be doing.

    1. Agreed. I actually heard non-techie co-workers saying the 5S was going to have holographic imaging because they saw it on Youtube.

      Of course they use Android phones – so what do you expect.

  2. Can’t we be surprised by an Apple PR Event anymore, instead of these lofty projections that ultimately take all the fun out of it? Eventually the FUDsters will call it a yawn event. Come on give us a break.

          1. Exactly. After that revelation, the pundits scrambled for cover, their clairvoyance and credibility trashed. Even Samsung, who made the A7 for Apple, did a double-take.

            If Apple has one of those every so often, they’ll retain their mojo, in spite of leaks and overwrought speculations leading to unrealistic expectations.

      1. Rainy In Seattle: The rumors, especially here at MDN, used to be fun, mysterious and technologically informed.

        Now all we get are vacuous TechTard blether-fests, leaks-from-China that spoil the fun and mystery, or biznizz bozo herd mentality manipulation propaganda aka Wall-Nut Street abuse.


    1. The rumors and speculation on upcoming Apple products have always been fun to read… it’s the expectations of certain people that have gotten out of hand.

      The one’s that bother me, are all the boohoo analysts who scream how Apple is losing its mojo, with absolutely nothing to base it off of other than, “Where’s the market-changing, life-changing devices we got every month from Steve Jobs?” or “Tim Cook should be fired for !”

      1. My first computer was the Apple //e. My loyalty is to Apple, and then Woz. As a kid, I didn’t know who was behind the “magic” I just knew I wasn’t a settler. There is no mojo for Apple to loose. They have been creative, and always will be.

    2. Gollum: This isn’t the old loyal, informed, thoughtful, friendly gang of Apple fanatics of old. This is a lot of riffraff that values gossip and sniping over actual technology and serious business concerns. It’s an invasion of, to be kind, a particular clique of personalities (hint: marketing oriented) who love to talk about relational stuff.

      We The Techies are still around, but we find this relational stuff to be, ahem, shallow and pointless. Sadly, with Apple being #1 on the planet, we’re stuck with them. They can’t help but notice #1. Therefore their relational, ahem, talking imperative that never stops.


  3. Ok, as a Apple Shareholder its nice that they are upgrading the specs but I am sorry they need to revamp the entire device. They also need to support flash as most web pages are using Flash. This may be a downfall for Apple. Also, they need to get rid of the 16GB option and upgrade the memory choices to 64GB, 128GB, 256GB as flash memory is dirt cheap or add a micro ad expansion slot for a memory card. They can even design their own memory card to make money but they need to have more choices available. Its time to get rid of the old and bring in the future/new technology. Also what would be a nice feature is facial recognition aswell as the fingerprint so double the security of the device. Just saying!

    1. Your comment would’ve been funnier if you hadn’t blown your wad in the second sentence “They also need to support flash as most web pages are using Flash.”

      Next time, start with things that make it seem like you’re serious and then hit them at the end with that.

      Really, that’s just basic trolling.

    2. I’m not sure if you are serious or forgot the /s.

      Apple does not need to support Flash. Android doesn’t even support Flash anymore. Most website are not Flash. I rarely see a Flash only website now days. Any site that is still Flash doesn’t want to be seen on mobile devices (phones, tablets).

      You say Apple can design their own memory cards and an expansion slot in the iPhone followed by saying bring in the future/new technology. You need to decide which. Apple will never put an expansion slot in their phone. You should know they want to get rid of the SIM card to remove that slot.

      Facial recognition plus fingerprint. What do you have on you phone. Touch ID has so far proven to be a very secure method to restrict access to the phone. I’ll stick with that. Think about this – would facial recognition work at night, or other dark places?

  4. The iPhone 6 won’t get this chip. This guy obviously knows nothing about electronics R&D, preproduction sampling, actual production, and use of a new complex part in an actual shipping product.

    These chips won’t be ready for production until sometime in 2015, not this year. By chips, I mean those produced by OEM’s such as Apple, as Imagination licenses out designs that their OEMs produce themselves, in a similar manner to the way ARM does it.

    Then those chips need to be integrated into a new phone model. If Apple continues to make new phones just once a year, that means late 2015 at the earliest.

    Apple likely will use the latest designs from Imagination that are available now, with small updates from the one in the 5S on a smaller process, allowing more cores at a higher speed.

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