“iOS 7 in the enterprise?” Samara Lynn writes for PC Magazine. “Major tech companies are taking the idea very seriously since Apple announced new business capabilities in iOS 7, many of which focus on making iOS gadgets a better fit with companies’ Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategies. Apple is finally serious about making iOS a plausible mobile business option, and Microsoft in particular should take heed.”

A quick run-down of new enterprise features includes:
• Single Sign On (SSO)
• Per App VPN
• Open In Management
• Managed Applications Configuration
• Third-Party App Data Protection

“Other enterprise-oriented features include business licensing management of apps from the App Store, improvements with Mail and integration with Microsoft Exchange server, as well as faster downloads and access to content using Mavericks Caching Server 2 and iOS 7,” Lynn writes. “Big tech companies are absolutely elated over these new, key business features. Expect to see a continued frenzy over iOS 7 in the business community – as well as commentary about Apple’s iOS morphing into Windows Phone 8. The big advantage Windows mobile devices had over iOS was the ability to integrate well into the corporate environment. Now, Apple has upped the ante and delivered key enterprise functionality.”

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