“Apple has not really needed the services of Wall Street all that much ever since it went public in 1981,” George Kesarios reports for Seeking Alpha. “And even though Steve Jobs married a fixed income professional from Goldman Sachs, he didn’t like the Wall Street types. He shunned Wall Street every chance he got.”

“Tim Cook however is not Steve Jobs,” Kesarios reports. “Tim Cook is more prone to get into bed with Wall Street than Steve Jobs was. And if you are going to get in bed with someone, why not get in bed with the best there is. I think it’s only natural for the number one company in the world to hook up with the number one firm on Wall Street. And on Wall Street, the best firm for many years now has been Goldman Sachs.”

Kesarios reports, “In reality however, and even though Steve Jobs has avoided Wall Street, Apple has a long history with Goldman Sachs…”

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