“We’ve gone hands-on for our first proper look at Tizen, an operating system backed by Samsung and Intel as well as other major mobile players, and that could help the mobile industry cut its ties with Google,” Rich Trenholm writes for CNET.

“Tizen lives under the shadow of Android and iOS, the two dominant mobile phone operating systems. And like rival Android challenger Firefox OS, it’s very similar to those rivals at first glance,” Trenholm writes. “Unlike, say, Windows Phone, there’s been no effort to come up with an interface or experience that’s even slightly different from what we’re used to. There’s a home screen with a grid of apps, pull-down notifications, and various other elements that are all too familiar.”

Trenholm writes, “It seems Samsung want to have its cake and eat it: break away from Android, but do it without alienating customers who have got used to the way Android works. Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world thanks to the combination of Google’s Android software and Samsung’s Galaxy hardware; but the next stage in Samsung’s plan for world domination is to get its hands on the revenue currently channeled to Google through apps, games and music and movie downloads from Google Play.”

Much more in the full article, with direct link to video, here.

MacDailyNews Take: A copy of a bad copy. Hey, it’s like a game of “Telephone,” where each successive retelling only gets worse. Yum!

Now all we need is for Google to sue Samsung for knocking off their stolen product.

We’ve seen this all before, only better, because we’re Day One iPhone users, not cheapskates who’d settle for pretend iPhones.

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