“Jeremy Allaire, chairman and CEO of online video services provider Brightcove, figures Apple will likely come out with a television set at some point. ‘They’re really good at building gorgeous monitors,’ he says, and TVs could be as much as a $20 billion-a-year opportunity,” Robert Hof writes for Forbes.

“Allaire just thinks they will be almost beside the point,” Hof writes. “‘They don’t really stand to gain anything with a monitor,’ Allaire, who will step out as CEO and become executive chairman in April, told me recently. ‘The end game for Apple in the TV business isn’t to make a monitor.'”

Hof writes, “What is Apple’s end game? As it is with all of Apple’s products, he says, it’s the package of hardware, software, and services that creates something consumers will crave. And so it will be in television as well. In particular, Allaire sees Apple’s biggest opportunity to be in apps that can make that TV package something really different from today’s uninspired crop of ‘smart’ TVs.”

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