Apple’s real opportunity in television: Everything but the TV itself

“Jeremy Allaire, chairman and CEO of online video services provider Brightcove, figures Apple will likely come out with a television set at some point. ‘They’re really good at building gorgeous monitors,’ he says, and TVs could be as much as a $20 billion-a-year opportunity,” Robert Hof writes for Forbes.

“Allaire just thinks they will be almost beside the point,” Hof writes. “‘They don’t really stand to gain anything with a monitor,’ Allaire, who will step out as CEO and become executive chairman in April, told me recently. ‘The end game for Apple in the TV business isn’t to make a monitor.'”

Hof writes, “What is Apple’s end game? As it is with all of Apple’s products, he says, it’s the package of hardware, software, and services that creates something consumers will crave. And so it will be in television as well. In particular, Allaire sees Apple’s biggest opportunity to be in apps that can make that TV package something really different from today’s uninspired crop of ‘smart’ TVs.”

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  1. I agree, because of the differences in the way people watch.

    Some have small spaces for TVs & others have large ones & some just use the larger monitor at the desk they use with their laptops when needed.

    Apple is really selling “control” of a wide swath of devices & media along with their software.

  2. Nonsense, you can’t provide the user experience without building a quality display with stearable zoom camera for using FaceTime and a focus microphone along with quality surround sound. This will be high end or it will fail.

    1. quality display? For the content its meant to show, today’s HD 1080p panels are great! NO, they do not compare to many computer monitors, but that isn’t their purpose.

      I don’t see the /iTV being positioned as a full fledged computer with a large screen TV as a monitor to surf, check email, and do some excel spreadsheets. The /iTV will be to deliver movies and shows. The way it organizes your channels, iTunes downloads, and rips on the hard drive is what will set it apart.

  3. I think for Apple to slap an “i” in front of a monitor would not make sense either. I think whenever it is released,it’s going to run an operating system like the ipad or iPhone. It’s going to be a full blown computer just as those devices are. Siri, maps, play games by yourself or with the entire family wherever they may be and lastly, the whole gamut of what computers and the internet can do, and yes watch TV too. Netflix, Hulu and all other direct internet programing.

  4. Personally I agree in many ways, I think if Apple does succeed in the Television arena it will be by making the Television non-existant, we’ll all just be using monitors – albeit monitors will probably begin to come with speakers of some sort as the norm. The thing that gets your content to your screen will basically be a computer, albeit a less powerful or dual purpose one, and the only difference between a Television and a computer will be how you interact with them – sitting back versus leaning forward.

    1. Apple also are unlikely to want to get into making loads of different sizes. I have three Apple TV’s in my house and they’re all connected to different sized screens. One size won’t fit all remotely like it does with the iPhone, and even with the different sized Macs it isn’t enough.

  5. I agree as well. Apple should concentrate on the ATV and make a SDK for it so that developers could make apps. The app is the channel. Apple has a great opportunity to do this now. The ATV can make a smart TV smarter. If this becomes a big success, then Apple can dip their toes in the water and make a TV.

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