“All of the new Kindle Fire tablets include ad-supported ‘Special Offers,'” John P. Falcone reports for CNET.

“That means that the lock-screen will have have an ad, along with a link on the home screen to a full list of sponsored deals,” Falcone reports. “Previously… Amazon gave you two ways to get ad-free versions: you could buy the more expensive, ad-free version of the product to begin with (a $20 premium on the new e-ink Kindles), or you could “buy out” of the ads after purchasing the Special Offer Kindle by simply paying the difference later, through your Amazon setup page.”

Falcone reports, “With the new Fire models, Amazon is removing both of those opt-out options… An Amazon spokesperson has confirmed to CNET that there will be no way to buy out of the Special Offers ads.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote earlier today:

Likely not much of an issue for Amazon’s price-concious target market, but here’s the thing: As we’ve seen with Android phones, cheapskates don’t make the best customers. Therefore, those ads are likely to be less effective and Amazon’s goal of selling content is hamstrung by the type of skinflint consumer to which they are pandering. In other words, if you really want to sell content, it’s best to target the well-heeled who actually have money to spend and who are proven to spend it. Unfortunately for Amazon, those are Apple customers.

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