iPhone 5 onslaught: FedEx plans for ‘surge volume’ event September 21-24

MacRumors has received word that FedEx is making preparations for a ‘surge volume’ event during the period of September 21-24, coinciding with rumors of an iPhone launch in the United States and several other countries on Friday, September 21,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“While neither Apple nor the iPhone 5 has been specifically mentioned as the source of the surge for FedEx,” Slivka reports, “the iPhone 5 is expected to be introduced at next Wednesday’s media event, and a launch nine days later would be in line with several past product debuts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Surge volume. These go to eleven.


  1. Can’t wait to see if Crapple puts LTE in this phone because if they do they’re going to be sued by Nokia and Samsung who hold the patents they need. Ever wonder why the GSM version of the iPhone 4S has HSPA+ for its 4G? Crapple couldn’t get a licensing agreement from Samsung because they were suing them and had to go with HSPA 4G and try to tell the public LTE wasn’t ready yet, which was pure crap. Say, maybe that’s why they call them Crapple.

    1. @Timmy … Apple recently acquired LTE patents and is among the larger holders of them now.  But Samsung does remain #1.

      However, the #2 largest holder of LTE patents has a market capitalization (purchase price) of $1.4 billion.  (That’s for the entire company, not just its patents.)  If Apple purchased that company or its patent portfolio, then Apple would be the #1 LTE patent holder. 

      Not only does Apple have enough cash to do this, but the entire company’s $1.4 billion price makes it pretty clear that Samsung doesn’t have a choke hold on LTE technology.  

      Another recent article said that LTE technology is now — 11 months after the introduction of iPhone 4s — common in only 3-4 nations.  So with the benefit of hindsight, it appears that Apple made the right decision not to include LTE in the 4s.

      I’m not makin’ it up, TImmy.  Your failure to keep up with the news is causin’ you to make uninformed claims.

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