“A week ahead of Apple’s widely expected unveiling of the iPhone 5, Nokia and Motorola are each launching their latest smartphones today,” Aaron Task reports for Yahoo Finance. “At separate events in New York, both handset makers will try to make a splash and steal some thunder from Apple ahead of the iPhone 5.”

“It’s a bold strategy but one destined to fail, according to Brian White, managing director of tech research at Topeka Capital Markets,” Task reports. “‘I think it’s a big mistake,’ White says of the strategy of trying to front-run the iPhone. ‘For a lot of these companies it’s a Hail Mary [pass]. One last chance to put out a blockbuster and compete against the iPhone.'”

Task reports, “The bottom line, White says, is the Nokia and Motorola brands have ‘deteriorated significantly’ and it’s going to be nearly impossible for them to steal mind share — much less market share — from Apple. ‘When’s the worst time to launch a smartphone?’ he asks rhetorically. ‘When Apple does.'”

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