“Two Greenpeace activists were arrested outside of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California after staging a protest against the company’s use of “unclean” energy in the massive computing facilities that underpin its iCloud service,” Cade Metz reports for Wired.

“On Tuesday morning, according to Greenpeace, two of its activists ‘barricaded’ themselves inside a giant iPod outside Apple HQ, broadcasting audio messages that ask the tech giant to use renewable energy rather than coal to power its iCloud data centers,” Metz reports. “Both activists were arrested and taken to the Santa Clara County jail, according to a Greenpeace spokeswoman. Four other Greenpeace activists — who stood outside the giant iPod, wearing iPhone costumes — were not arrested, the spokeswoman said.

Metz reports, “The protest is part of the organization’s larger effort to bring attention to the way the giants of the web power their data centers… Apple’s iCloud service — a means of storing photos, videos and other files online — is backed by a 500,000-square-foot data center in Maiden, North Carolina, and this facility is powered by Duke Energy, a utility that gets 46 percent of its power from coal and 52 percent from nuclear facilities. Though Apple says its Maiden facility will soon use 60 percent renewable energy — the company is installing a solar array and biogas plant next to the data center — Greenpeace wants more from the company.”

Greenpeace iPod at Apple Inc. headquarters in Cupertino, CA

Greenpeace iPod at Apple Inc. headquarters in Cupertino, CA

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MacDailyNews Take: Greenpeace wants more from the company. Yeah, more free publicity.

As we wrote on May 4th:

It’s the new “activism.” Make a stink and then claim credit for something that’s already been announced. The second that Apple flips the switch on the largest corporate fuel cell installation in the USA at their Maiden, North Carolina data center, expect a self-congratulatory media binge from Greenpeace et al. for “causing” something that’s already been announced to “happen.”

Greenpeace et al. should read up on Darwinism. By pandering to the dupes who would fall for such utter nonsense, all you end up with is a bunch of mouth-breathers. Obviously, they’re now getting stupider at an exponential rate.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]

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