Greenpeacers arrested for barricading themselves in giant ‘iPod’ at Apple HQ

“Two Greenpeace activists were arrested outside of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California after staging a protest against the company’s use of “unclean” energy in the massive computing facilities that underpin its iCloud service,” Cade Metz reports for Wired.

“On Tuesday morning, according to Greenpeace, two of its activists ‘barricaded’ themselves inside a giant iPod outside Apple HQ, broadcasting audio messages that ask the tech giant to use renewable energy rather than coal to power its iCloud data centers,” Metz reports. “Both activists were arrested and taken to the Santa Clara County jail, according to a Greenpeace spokeswoman. Four other Greenpeace activists — who stood outside the giant iPod, wearing iPhone costumes — were not arrested, the spokeswoman said.

Metz reports, “The protest is part of the organization’s larger effort to bring attention to the way the giants of the web power their data centers… Apple’s iCloud service — a means of storing photos, videos and other files online — is backed by a 500,000-square-foot data center in Maiden, North Carolina, and this facility is powered by Duke Energy, a utility that gets 46 percent of its power from coal and 52 percent from nuclear facilities. Though Apple says its Maiden facility will soon use 60 percent renewable energy — the company is installing a solar array and biogas plant next to the data center — Greenpeace wants more from the company.”

Greenpeace iPod at Apple Inc. headquarters in Cupertino, CA
Greenpeace iPod at Apple Inc. headquarters in Cupertino, CA

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MacDailyNews Take: Greenpeace wants more from the company. Yeah, more free publicity.

As we wrote on May 4th:

It’s the new “activism.” Make a stink and then claim credit for something that’s already been announced. The second that Apple flips the switch on the largest corporate fuel cell installation in the USA at their Maiden, North Carolina data center, expect a self-congratulatory media binge from Greenpeace et al. for “causing” something that’s already been announced to “happen.”

Greenpeace et al. should read up on Darwinism. By pandering to the dupes who would fall for such utter nonsense, all you end up with is a bunch of mouth-breathers. Obviously, they’re now getting stupider at an exponential rate.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]

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          We hate you t-Drone!

            1. Imagine if a Republican’s mom did that!!! It would be all over the news. Not a peep from the propagandist comrades in the media. BS

      1. Apple supports upgrades for current users.

        Maybe you were thinking of Android?

        As for liberals sucking, so do conservatives. After all, while he was at Bain Capital, Willard “Mitt” Romney was involved in acts similar to those of the hedge fund managers decried on other MDN posts today.

  1. Bad Apple, Bad Apple… Why is apple the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD STILL USING COAL????
    Wait a second… IT IS NOT!!!
    Greenpeace, go get free publicity some other place. Why don’t you members of greenpeace immolate your self in fire like the Norwegian guy? show your commitment.

  2. I’m about as Liberal as you can get, but Greenpeace is wrong here. There are so many more corporations that grievously damage the environment far more than Apple, but they go after Apple’s high profile for publicity. Like PETA, they often damage their credibility for the sake of publicity.

  3. Greenpeace has become just another outlet for radical leftists/Marxists. And to think I used to support them many years ago…. sigh…

    BTW – how did these oh-so-concerned protesters GET to their “pod” in the first place – could it be that they used GASOLINE (gulp!). Do THEY live in houses RUN COMPLETELY by renewable fuels and built by companies that ONLY use renewable fuels? Do THEY drive cars that run on sunshine? Do THEY fly in planes that use batteries only? Are ALL of the products that they enjoy in their lives built by (eeeevil) companies that only use their definition of acceptable fuels (sunshine, wind, hope and change)?

    It would be interesting to see just how these m-o-r-o-n-s actually LIVE the life they want to impose on all of us. Once they actually DO live that life for themselves, then they will be less of a hypocrite then currently show themselves to be…

    Get real – just more useful idiots on parade here – nothing to see…

    (hint – oil IS a natural substance – kinda blows your mind, eh?)

    1. Hey hey — why aren’t they demonstrating outside Google’s campus? Or Microsoft’s? At least Apple has been consciously taking steps to go green but Google and MS? I hardly think so.

      Just a bunch of publicity hounds.

  4. MDN is one of many at fault since they are doing exactly what they know those hypocrites want them to do. I only selected this article to make this comment an pledge to never do that again. Let’s ALL boycot this type of journalism trash.

  5. HA! you think GP are weirdoes….then you should check out WWF in the US. They advocate a total world population of 500million people, that’s their ‘sustainable’ ‘green’ ‘environmental’ friendly figure…

  6. Greenpeace is just full of stupid, blind people now. They should be praising Apple for its use of alternative, renewable energy sources instead of lambasting the company for not being entirely renewable.

    The reason Apple’s not using only renewable energy is because there’s not enough of it and energy sources like solar, wind, biogas, etc. simply can’t produce enough to meet Apple’s needs.

    Not that the Greentards would venture into reality to recognize this.

    BTW, I’m sure they enjoyed using their iPhones inside that treehouse-not-in-a-tree until they were arrested.

  7. You GREENPEACE Asses can Go Straight To HELL in my opinion! Why don’t you get a real job and shut the HELL Up!!!!! All you are, is a bunch of SOCIALIST Bastards!!!!! This world would be better off with you NUTS GONE!!!!!

      1. Damn straight I don’t like that organization. They do more damn harm than they do good. Their always picking on Apple. There are a lot more Polluters out there besides just Apple. Hell, Apple is more Greener than most of the other companies around. So stick that in your ear Greenpeace Radicals Nuts.

    1. socialism |ˈsō sh əˌlizəm|
      a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
      • policy or practice based on this theory.
      • (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.

            1. I never pay your comments any mind MOPS. (My-Own-Personal-Stalker). But I very much enjoy posting prickly and poignant replies for my own amusement. Laughter trumps HATE every time! 😆 And I love to laugh. 😆

  8. This is the face of those who back Hussein. Libs, cry babies, selfish ‘me’ generation types. Takers that suck the vitality out of our society. We are going to kick this asshole Hussein, his assdumb administration, and his lapdog ‘The Worst Generation’ lib selfish shitheads out of office in November. You can take that idiot bitch too who goes to Georgetown Law School and wants average Americans to cover her spermacide, condoms, pills, whatever. She is Greenpeace and pro Hussein the Kenyan.

  9. I am Vegan and about the biggest hippy liberal you can imagine. Apple does not deserve this, they are as socially and environmentally responsible as a bahemith corporation can possibly be. Green Peace I love you all, but please focus efforts some where else, Apple is not our enemy.

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