Apple launches new health data privacy campaign

Apple has launched a new campaign highlighting the importance of keeping health data private and secure and how the company is focused on doing so.

Apple iPhone privacy

Andrew Griffin for The Independent:

The ads look to highlight iPhone features that Apple says ensure that it is able to collect data on its users, but not cause them embarrassment or threats by allowing other people to get hold of it.

It does so by depicting a doctors waiting room in which the various health complaints of patients are broadcast to everyone, and suggests that people who are not sufficiently protecting their privacy may accidentally be doing the same on the internet.

MacDailyNews Take: Lauren Cheung, a doctor and senior manager on Apple’s clinical team, told The Independent:

First, there’s probably nothing more sensitive than health data, so it should always be a priority to protect it. Second, we believe our users should expect the same confidentiality from their technology as they do from their doctor. I’m a physician myself, and I know just how sensitive some conversations are; my patients are telling me information that sometimes they’ve never told anyone else.

Apple has published a white paper, “Health Privacy Overview,” that highlights the ways that Apple protects health data on the iPhone and other products here.

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  1. Health data privacy is incredibly vital. Especially, after the AIDS epidemic. BUT, your health data privacy meant absolutely NOTHING and should be known to EVERYONE when it came to Covid. In fact, you should loose your job, not be able to travel, enter buildings, etc. and should not receive medical treatment PERIOD if your health data does not reflect the CORRECT health “data”. If fact, many people, stated you should just be allowed to die a miserable death like the horrible person you deserve; even if your health “issue” at the time was not even related to the “correct” health data.

    Ironically, people with the “correct” health data have more health issues than those without the “correct” health data.

    It some of us knew this right from the start and will…

    NEVER forgive, never FORGET. What some people said and DID during the recent “panic”.

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