Color theorist: Red iPhone owners are attention-seekers, black iPhones owners are self-assured

According to Kate Smith, an Arlington, Virginia psychologist and color theorist, owners of red iPhones are attention-seekers while those who choose black iPhones are self-assured.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus come in six stunning colors: midnight, starlight, (PRODUCT)RED, blue, purple, and the all-new yellow.
Apple’s iPhone 14

Todd Plummer for The Wall Street Journal:

What does the color of your Apple iPhone say about you? Ms. Smith offers some expert insights.

Uplifting Yellow: Lovers of this sunny shade are drawn to its uplifting associations and mood-boosting effect…

Urbane Lavender: People who appreciate life’s complexity are most attracted to the color. Or, pop-culture influences could pull you toward purple…

Resolute Red: People drawn to this fiery tint are outgoing attention-seekers who place value in their strong opinions.

Gregarious Green: Greens indicate intelligence and a “community-focused” mind-set, but that lighter versions hint at more empathy…

Trusty Blue: Blue-phone owners, said Ms. Smith, are likely “trustworthy or want to be seen as trustworthy.” But they have their quirks—specifically a proclivity for day dreaming.

Powerful Black: Classic and classy, a black phone could confer self-assuredness and connoisseurship. It’s a shade that signifies reserved strength.

MacDailyNews Take: So much bovine excrement, we thought – until we got down to “Powerful Black.” 🤣

As you can guess from our proclivity to choose non-colors, favoring blacks and grays… “Matte Black” sounds glorious!MacDailyNews, July 20, 2021

Steve [Jobs] made us spend a half hour deciding what hue of gray the [Apple Store] restroom signs should be. — Lee Clow, Chairman and Global Director of TBWA\Worldwide

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    1. Years ago, met a couple where the husband was always wearing a bright yellow jacket, or sweatshirt/etc.

      Seems that he had an adventurous spirt and a habit of wandering off ..

      … and his wife chose / bought his clothing.

  1. But of course its never about practical factors:

    White: too easily shows dirt/scratches
    Black: not easily seen when set down/dropped
    Red: neither of the above

    Lavender/Yellow/Blue/etc: not available on the SE

  2. This smacks of pop psychology. My professional life was centered around color. It can mean anything you want it to. One year you get a silver phone, another year it’s black, and another you’re struck by the red. Does that mean your personality is undergoing massive changes every few years? Well, one of my two majors was psychology, and according to accepted understanding, it’s very rare that someone’s personality changes.

    Sometimes we pick a color simply because it looks good..

  3. I guess I don’t fit into these boxes, but I’m guessing most people don’t. My iPhone is yellow, but that’s because I’m an Oregon Duck alum and wanted a phone with a team color.

  4. I’ve bought 2 red iPhones over the years because I appreciate Apple’s contributing to Product (Red) – that has had a major impact of funding medications for Africa.

    I also prefer red because it is easier for my tired, old eyes to spot my red iPhone when I forgot where I set its down. My better half has always picked the color she likes.

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