Apple increases number of ‘Apple Car’ test drivers for its autonomous fleet

According to the California DMV, where you can see “good enough for government work” exemplified on a daily basis, Apple has increased the number of drivers for its autonomous vehicles from 196 to 201 since January 2023.

Apple Car, cloaked in mystery

Stacey Butler for macReports:

Apple has kept its fleet size steady at 67.

The driverless program is still progressing slowly in California. Apple still has not applied for a driverless permit.

The reported collisions for autonomous vehicles being tested in California include even the most minor incidents and must be reported even if the car was in manual driving mode.

Since January 13, 2023:
• Waymo has added 6 new collisions.
• Cruise added 3.
• Zoox added 5.
• Apple and WeRide both added 1.

Apple’s latest collision on February 21, 2023 was not particularly interesting:

“On February 21st, a test vehicle operating in manual driving mode was making a u-turn from Westbound to Eastbound Homestead Road at the intersection with Kennewick Drive in Sunnyvale when the right front tire and rim made contact with the curb. No injuries were reported and law enforcement was not called to the scene. The test vehicle sustained damage to the right front rim.”

MacDailyNews Take: Increasing drivers and holding steady on vehicles is better than decreasing, we guess.

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  1. Yes, huge waste of money. Billions of dollars spent since 2014 and nothing shipped. For that kind of money, Tesla is so far ahead — Apple could do better bringing back the e-computer program for schools. Design a lower cost E-Air equivalent laptop to compete with chrome books. Either charge parents a nominal fee or better yet, the world’s richest corporation do something substantial to change the world with immediate measured analytics. Unlike the green initiatives for a couple dozen buildings that do next to zero, corporate virtue signaling symbolism points aside, immeasurable for impact. That would be, simply give a free eComputer to every student in the U.S. The greatest corporate humanity move in history with a built in tax write off, REAL CHANGE. Just looked it up estimated 49.2 million students in K1-K12 U.S. schools in 2023. Contrast student numbers with 72 million iPhones were shipped during the fourth quarter of 2022, and Apple shipped 240 million iPhones in 2021 alone. No brainer, Apple.

  2. It’s not a waste if Apple can figure out a self-driving paradigm that actually works — and not only on some roads (as is the case with GM and Mercedes) — it’ll be as much of a game changer as the iPhone. Remember, Apple doesn’t usually WANT to be first with a technology… they want to be the first to get it right. They did it with personal computers, they did it with MP3 players, they did it cell phones.

    And if they don’t come up with the answer, it’s still billions well spent. After all, don’t we want companies like Apple to spend on R&D? Because even R&D failures point the way to the eventual answer.

    And when it comes to self-driving tech, Tesla is actually way behind, despite announcing they’re just one year away every year for a decade. I knew their approach was likely to fail when last year Musk eliminated both ultrasonic sensors and radar systems because it was too difficult for their computer to handle all that data in real time, leaving Tesla relying exclusively on video processing for self-driving mode. Mercedes, the first auto maker to ship “Level 3” automation, uses cameras, LiDAR, radar, microphones (to listen for emergency vehicles), and road-wetness sensors.

    1. BS, radar systems are being re-introduced to Teslas. You don’t create this kind of tech without massive, on-the-road research with millions of your customers already driving your cars. Apple isn’t behind, it’s not even in the game.

    2. “And if they don’t come up with the answer, it’s still billions well spent. After all, don’t we want companies like Apple to spend on R&D? Because even R&D failures point the way to the eventual answer.”

      Wow. Try and follow that fanboy illogical fail and excuses that counts for success ONLY in the Leftist world. We wasted billions, we tried, we failed, but hey, man oh man, we feel good! Give that man a participation trophy,

      With Cook at the helm, not Jobs, have doubts they will remake cars better in the same revolutionary way as computers, phones and music players. BUT we shall see. Also what compounds the possibility, for years a revolving door of high level car executives Cook has a problem as they resign, hence almost 10 years later not one Apple Car shipped.

      Keep piling up the baloney, one day you’ll have enough for a sandwich…

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