Apple CEO Cook writes to teen after Apple Watch saves his life following 150-ft. fall

Apple CEO Tim Cook responded this month to an India teen who fell 150-feet into a valley, braking both of his ankles. The teen credits his Apple Watch with saving his life.

Apple Watch Series 7 features Fall Detection
Apple Watch Series 7 features Fall Detection

Aabhas Sharma for Times of India:

July 11 was supposed to be a day of fun and adventure for 17-year-old Smit Metha as he ventured on a trek in Lonavla with a group of friends… All was well till Metha and his friends were on their way back and he slipped about 130-150 feet into the valley. With no phone — as it was in a friend’s backpack — Metha fell down hard and was saved by a tree and a stone. He broke his ankles and was lying in agony when he realised his iPhone 13 wasn’t with him.

However, he was wearing his Apple Watch Series 7. “Soon, I saw that I was getting signal on the Watch and immediately called my parents and friends.” This happened around 3pm and it took two hours for first-aid to reach him…

“My Apple Watch came to my rescue as I was able to make those important phone calls,” he says. He decided to write to Apple CEO Tim Cook and narrated his story in an email. Much to his surprise Cook replied to his email and wrote,


I’m so glad you are on the road to recovery. It sounds like a terrible accident. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

I wish you a full and speedy recovery.



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  1. MDN, perhaps you should look up the difference between “braking” and “breaking.” Somehow I don’t think that his ankles contributed to slowing his rate of descent (braking) when he injured (breaking) them.

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