Fast Company hack sends ‘obscene and racist’ alerts to its Apple News followers

Fast Company said it shut down its website because it was hacked twice this week and “obscene and racist” push notifications were sent to its Apple News followers.

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Alyssa Lukpat for The Wall Street Journal:

The company, which describes itself as a progressive business brand, said in a statement Wednesday that it experienced two apparently related hacks. The company said it was investigating what happened and that its website would be shut down until the situation was resolved.

In the first attack, Fast Company said abhorrent language appeared on its website on Sunday afternoon. The company shut down its website for about two hours that day.
Then Fast Company said its content management system was hacked on Tuesday night. Its Apple News followers received two notifications on their devices about a minute apart.
“The messages are vile and are not in line with the content and ethos of Fast Company,” the company said.

Apple News said on Twitter Tuesday night that it disabled Fast Company’s channel after “an incredibly offensive alert” was sent.

MacDailyNews Take: Not Apple’s fault.

As of publication, Fast Company remains unavailable in Apple News.

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