Daniel Ives dismisses Bloomberg ‘News’ FUD, reiterates $220 Apple price target

Apple 3.0’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt on Wednesday reports on a Wedbush note to clients from managing director Daniel Ives regarding Bloomberg “News” latest FUD hit on Apple (see: As we predicted, here comes the ‘Apple has cut iPhone 14 orders’ FUD) in which Ives reiterates that iPhone 14 Pro demand remains robust making for a significantly stronger mix for iPhone 14 than for iPhone 13 which “means much higher ASPs and a clear tailwind for Apple into FY23 at this pace.”

iPhone 14 Pro Max
Apple’s flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max

In his note to clients, Ives maintained his “Outperform” rating and $220 price target on Apple.

Philip Elmer-DeWitt for Apple 3.0:

From a note to Wedbush clients that landed on my desktop Wednesday:

Last night Bloomberg reported that Apple has decided to maintain production for iPhone 14 and “not increase as expected” given softer consumer demand… Our view is the headline of “not increasing production” (~6 million units) overshadows the underlying story for iPhone 14 Pro demand that is currently playing out in the field.

iPhone Pro demand remains robust based on all data points we see across the US and China and is tilting towards a 85%-90% mix for iPhone 14 vs. ~65% with iPhone 13. This means much higher ASPs and a clear tailwind for Apple into FY23 at this pace…

As we have discussed initial iPhone 14 units was roughly 90 million and is in line with iPhone 13 and that remains firm/unchanged. However the mix is heavily shifted towards Pro while the base model iPhone sales have clearly been underwhelming and softer than Apple expected.

Our positive thesis on Apple remains unchanged and we are not wavering in our view the iPhone 14 Pro demand is robust and this will enable Apple to power through near-term macro headwinds much better than feared by the Street.

Read more of Ives’ note at Apple 3.0 here.

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  1. $220/share…estimates are usually framed within a yr timeline. As of today, it’s a $70+/share (almost 50%) increase. In the days when markets are fracturing throughout the World, this is more than a ballzie call. End of yr? F no. Some day? Yes.

    “Unsubstantiated crap?” Apple ordering fewer units is unsubstantiated? If indeed, units ordered is less, this mention isn’t a market ploy of short covering. It’s market relevant. Please don’t be an AAPL bedwetter to conflate this means (I’m saying) Apple is dead.

    Besides there’s zero sentiment/analysis proposing the market has bottomed…and there are no market indicators that would suggest we’re on an upswing. $100 bucks AAPL is going lower.

    1. Yes, unsubstantiated crap:

    2. Dearest Blinn (maybe it’s a typo? supposed to be blind?)

      This happens pretty much every time there’s a new phone release. Traders seem to know the routine and, routinely, there is a skewed headline that makes a negative assertion but is only a tiny bit factual. In this case, sure, the plain vanilla iPhone 14 hasn’t had an increase in production orders. But the real truth is that, due to quite high sales of the 14 Pro phones, increased production has occurred for those models. The even better news is that the ASP (average sales price) is higher for those models because Apple smartly kept prices the same but boosted the improvements for them. Result? Higher sales and at lest steady if not increased profits. There, now you know.

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