‘Apple Watch Pro’ satellite connectivity could be a game-changer

Apple has long been rumored to be working on satellite features for emergency communications for the iPhone and, perhaps, the rumored, larger, more rugged Apple Watch Pro, which would make it a real contender in the multi-sport GPS watch market.

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Apple Watch Series 7

Victoria Song for The Verge:

Reliable emergency communication is important and potentially life-saving to intrepid adventurers. GPS and LTE connectivity have improved over the years, but there are still many remote areas where you can’t get a signal. Even experienced hikers, campers, and endurance athletes can get lost under those circumstances or find themselves in a bind if they get injured in a cellular dead zone. That’s why many carry satellite phones or Garmin’s inReach devices, which are handheld two-way satellite communicators that also have location-sharing features. These devices, however, can be bulky and add weight when athletes almost always prefer to remain light and nimble.

Right now, the problem is Apple’s emergency contact features depend on LTE connectivity… A smartwatch that could have both LTE and satellite connectivity for emergency communications and location sharing? It’s not hard to see why that would appeal to outdoors enthusiasts.

MacDailyNews Note: According to Bloomberg News’ most recent Power On newsletter, Apple has internally discussed adding satellite features to Apple Watch, but Mark Gurman reports that satellite connectivity would “make sense for a future version of the new more rugged Apple Watch Pro.”

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