Gurman: Satellite communications could be coming to future Apple Watch Pro devices

Last week, Tim Farrar, a satellite communications consultant at California-based research firm Telecom, Media and Finance Associates, said that he believes that Apple is likely announce its long-expected satellite connectivity feature for the iPhone 14 at its “Far out” September 7th special event. Now, Bloomberg News’ Mark Gurman reports that Apple has discussed bringing satellite communications capabilities to it’s “Apple Watch Pro.”

Boeing 702X satellite (image: Boeing)
Boeing 702X satellite (image: Boeing)

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

The company has also internally discussed the idea of giving its watches satellite features, which could make sense for a future version of the new more rugged Apple Watch Pro.

That’s a step up from the current iPhone and Apple Watch feature for quickly calling emergency services and providing them with your location. The features also will give stand-alone satellite-based devices, such as the Garmin inReach, a run for their money…

The prospect of having an iPhone that can reach first responders without a cellular connection is only the beginning of what Apple is planning. Ultimately, users could have global internet access and be able to make regular phone calls over satellite links. The combination of speedy 5G networks and satellite service could one day turn the iPhone into the most powerful global communications device available.

MacDailyNews Take: This would, obviously, be another huge selling point for “Apple Watch Pro” (hopefully, Apple calls it “Apple Watch Extreme,” after extreme sports, instead).

This is not going to turn your iPhone into a “satellite phone,” but it will still be a useful feature for certain users, including those in Government & Public Safety, Transportation, Energy, Construction, Maritime, Agriculture, Forestry, etc.MacDailyNews, August 31, 2021

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  1. Fascinating space age stuff as interesting as the new moon rocket. Albeit years behind, glad Timmy [ME TOO] finally appears to climb aboard one day.

    In July, Biden announced $401 Million: “…for 31,000 rural residents and businesses in 11 states, part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to investing in rural infrastructure and affordable high-speed internet for all.”

    Not the answer. Pitiful small numbers for all that taxpayer money and certainly not cost effective for private business — or it would have already been done almost two decades ago! Same stupid move as electric car subsidies that are not green energy, and some reports offer evidence EVs pollute more, not to mention the DEPENDENCE on COMMUNIST China for raw materials and processing. We can always count on Biden to screw it up and make us pay for his mistakes.

    But good news citizens, the “far-out” answer is within reach!

    “Starlink is ideally suited for areas of the globe where connectivity has typically been a challenge,” the Starlink website reads. “Unbounded by traditional ground infrastructure, Starlink can deliver high-speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable or completely unavailable.

    Eventually, Starlink hopes to blanket the entire planet in a usable, high-speed Wi-Fi signal, including for moving vehicles and in-flight Wi-Fi.”

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