iOS 16 beta 5 has iPhone’s battery percentage in the status bar

Apple’s iOS 16 beta 5 update adds battery percentage information back to the status bar, a feature that was removed when the iPhone X was released in 2017. With the latest beta version of Apple’s iOS 16, the battery percentage is display as a number within the battery icon.

Apple’s iOS 16 beta 5 shows battery percentage (Image:  Todd Haselton | CNBC)
Apple’s iOS 16 beta 5 shows battery percentage (Image:
Todd Haselton | CNBC)

Sofia Pitt for CNBC:

The notched display in the iPhone X, released in 2017, left little room for the battery status indicator. So, Apple instead buried it in the notifications shade, which you swipe down to access. It’s remained hidden there ever since, except on iPhones that have a home button.

With the latest beta version of Apple’s iOS 16, the battery percentage is written as a number inside the battery icon, leaving enough space for cell signal information and Wi-Fi status. And it means you can see your exact percentage without swiping down on the screen. It could also be useful if Apple adds an always-on display to its next iPhone, since you’d be able to check your battery status without touching your phone.

MacDailyNews Note: With iPhone 13, Apple’s inelegant kludge (notch) is 20% smaller in width than in iPhone 12.

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  1. There was always room for the battery percentage, the cell signal indicator is totally irrelevant most of the time. This was part of Apple’s push to make us pay less attention to battery life instead of doing something to meaningfully improve it.

    The “new” implementation is typical of Apple, an uglier partial retreat to what worked fine before. And infuriatingly, apparently the battery icon no longer depletes and you’re presented with the illusion of a full battery while your brain has to register the number as separate information. I’m not updating, Apple dickheads.

    1. It does seem like an odd tradeoff since the battery will always appear full. I wonder if they could move the digits slightly so that each is always fully on one side of the fill bar or other. It could normally be left-aligned, but as the fill bar moves leftward, the digits could float rightward so that the second digit would be fully on the right side of the fill bar. There has to be a better way than keeping the battery completely filled in all the time. That design tradeoff makes it seem like they don’t want people to switch back to the percentage display

  2. So the choice is to either have a percentage, or to have the bar partially filled to indicate how full the battery is? Seems like an unfortunate tradeoff.

  3. Like the fact Apple is turning back the clock, albeit with a new design twist, and correcting past mistakes as we have seen with the newest high end MacPro tower.

    Yes, to see battery percentage, not hidden inside on a pull down shade, at a glance without touching the phone is MAJOR back to the future improvement.

    While I love the battery bar chart graphic, the number is dead on accurate without risk of misinterpretation reading a changing chart…

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