Apple hit with lawsuit claiming Amber Alert on AirPods Pro damaged teenager’s hearing

Apple faces a new lawsuit in which parents of a teenage boy in Texas claim that Apple’s AirPods ruptured his eardrums when a loud Amber Alert was issued.

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Apple AirPods Pro

Mike Peterson for AppleInsider:

Reportedly, the 12-year-old boy, who is referred to as B.G. in the complaint, was watching Netflix on his iPhone while using AirPods Pro when an Amber Alert sounded. The high-pitched noise reportedly damaged his eardrums.

According to the complaint, the sound “tore apart” the boy’s eardrums, damaged his cochlea, and caused permanent hearing loss in one ear. Since the incident, which occurred in 2020, B.G. has allegedly suffered from vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, and nausea, Law360 has reported.

The lawsuit claims that Apple makes “defective” audio accessories that don’t automatically lower the volume for alerts.

MacDailyNews Take: It’ll be interesting to see the lawyers try to prove that an Amber Alert issued via AirPod Pro was the cause of the boy’s ear injuries.

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  1. I wonder how long he kept the Air Pods in his ears before deciding to remove them? A loud Amber Alert wouldn’t make it through the first alert cycle if they were in my ears and we’re that loud.

    Oh well, we’ll see what happens with the lawsuit and best of luck to B. G.

  2. Should a child really have Air Pods at that age when they are still in the developmental stage of their life? I mean really, you are inserting the device in you ear even more closely then headsets or room speakers. Absolutely insane. And how is the volume controlled on those things anyway?

    One silver lining, didn’t Apple just release new software that had improved methods for the hearing impaired?

  3. Ruptured his eardrum? Really!!??
    Maybe if Amber slapped him upside his head that would happen.

    Seriously, what type of air pressure would it take to do that??

    Now, if he’d had tubes or even his Eustachian tube drained it could easily open back up.

  4. Im about to submit my law suit against apple. My old dog’s name was amber and every time I hear the alert I’m saddened. I estimate my physiological damages to be no less then 50,000,000.02 (fifty million dollars and 2 cents) But I won’t settle for less then five thousand

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