Historic tech sell-off is a ‘generational buying opportunity’ for the right stocks, like Apple – Dan Ives

According to Wedbush Securities’ analyst Dan Ives, The tech-sell off is not a calamitous bubble bursting, it’s simply a “buying opportunity” for the right stocks.

Stock Chart

Philip Elmer-DeWitt for Appel 3.0:

From a note to Wedbush clients that landed on my desktop Friday:

In a nutshell, this is not a Dot-com Bubble 2.0 in our opinion, it’s a massive over correction in a higher rate environment that will cause a bifurcated tech tape with clear HAVES and HAVE NOTS of tech… We have stress tested our tech models and believe in a worst case scenario Street numbers for 2023 come down by less than 10%, while in a base case scenario they are unchanged from today and in a soft landing scenario actually go up from current numbers…

Wedbush Tech Playbook – Large Cap Top Picks: Apple, Microsoft, Tesla

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote yesterday:

For those who can keep their heads, times like these are a gift.

If the panicky want to give us a sub-$135 (or even better) [AAPL] entry point, well, then: “Thank you very much!”

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  1. You could have purchased Apple , Tesla & MSFTowet a year ago when the global economic outlook was far brighter. You can like the three opportunities but it’s absurd to call the timing historic. It’s not on any of those ideas, not close.

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