CNET: Your next iPod should be an Apple Watch

Apple on Tuesday discontinued the last iPod, iPod touch, 20 years after the debut of the original iPod. CNET says your next iPod should be an Apple Watch.

Your next iPod should be an Apple Watch

Russell Holly for CNET:

While some folks have found themselves debating a trip to the store to pick up one of the last iPods at the Apple Store, I am reminded of just how much I like the iPod I wear on my wrist every day and how much nicer it is for my needs than a big iPod Touch. For a long time now, my iPod has been my Apple Watch, and I think it’s something more people should try out for themselves.

Apple’s wrist computer has been hailed as a decent standalone music player for a little while now, especially if you use AirPods and you can quickly switch audio from your phone to your watch with a button press. But the ability to listen from your wrist isn’t really the most interesting part of the Apple Watch experience. All of the apps on my phone that support Apple Watch playback are already installed, so no need to worry about separate configuration. I can navigate my Watch either using the screen or the scroll wheel, and in most cases I can even use Siri to play something on my watch with even greater ease. There’s no need to worry about anything in my pocket, and it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll accidentally set my Watch down somewhere and forget it.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch has been our main iPod since Series 3 debuted with watchOS 4.0 in September 2017.

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  1. I usually have AirPods (or wired headphones) connected to my iPhone and use Watch as remote control. So iPhone is iPod, and it has been for most existing iPod users since they bought their first iPhone. A key initial marketing point for iPhone was “it’s the best iPod ever.” Early iPhones even worked like iPod for syncing and updates, requiring iPod’s wired docking cable to a computer running iTunes, not as an independent device like now.

    My “iPod touch” is my previous iPhone (without wireless plan), still useful at home when my iPhone is charging.

    1. iPhones and Apple Watches truly are the best iPods. Some people are too dim to realise this.

      Apple sold iPods for 20 years.

      After the Galaxy Player failed, Samsung gave up after just one generation. Truly pathetic.

      If you want an iPod, don’t buy a freakin’ iPod, buy an iPad mini.

  2. iPhone is terrible for running…too big/heavy. iPods filled the exercise space expertly.
    Outside of detailed control, the Shuffle was a wonder for fitness activities.

    1. That’s funny. In reality the last Zone iteration was an excellent device that in some ways was ahead of its time. Unfortunately this final Zune version was a day late and a dollar short. Hits the market just as iPhone , and others, were coming to the market.

      1. I don’t think Microsoft supports syncing any Zune model with recent Windows, so whether it was good or not is currently irrelevant. But Apple still supports syncing original iPod (now in Finder sidebar), if you have the dongles (adapters) to connect FireWire 400 to Thunderbolt.

  3. +1 For running with the Apple Watch and air pods. Its an amazing combo the only issue I’ve had is that I have had to turn off bluetooth on my phone sometimes when I’m running on a track or if my phone is nearby because the damn AirPods keep jumping back to the phone. So annoying. Wish there was a switch I could use to force the air pods to stay on the Watch.

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