Apple working on thinner, potentially foldable OLED displays

Apple has begun the development of an OLED panel that doesn’t use a polarizer which will allow them to be made thinner, which makes them potentially foldable panels, TheElec reports Tuesday.

Apple working on thinner, potentially foldable OLED displays. Image: Foldable iPhone concept (Image: EverythingApplePro)
Foldable iPhone concept (Image: EverythingApplePro)

Gijong Lee for TheElec:

Polarizers are used to allow only lights in certain directions to pass through, thereby improving the visibility of the display.

However, its use lessens the brightness, thereby affecting the luminance efficiency of the panel as well. Companies usually increase the power consumption of the panels to offset this but this also leads to less lifespan for the panels.

Removing the polarizer and applying technology with a similar effect resolves these trade-offs.

MacDailyNews Take: If Apple does foldable devices, then folding devices will have been done right.

Last month, uber-analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote that Apple is testing a device with a 9-inch foldable display, but the company’s long-rumored foldable iPhone is unlikely to launch until 2025 or later.

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  1. Sorry but “folding” an electronic viewing screen is not a long lasting concept. They always get lines and damage. If I want something bigger to view I use my iPad…….

    To quote Maye West……..”is that a banana in your pants or just a Folding iPhone”…….

    1. I have no desire for a portable i-device with a sharp crease across the screen. However, I’d be keen to get a top notch 100″ OLED display that rolls up like an old projector screen. Let’s hope Apple has enough brains to follow the good engineering instead of the concepts of futurists who have nothing better to do than make unrealistic mockups for rumor sites.

  2. A similar sentiment was present as humans looked at the noisy, foul-smelling and expensive steel horse? “Of course that won’t work and, I like how things are now.”

    We are a funny species.

    This is a true statemtnt: “If Apple does foldable devices, then folding devices will have been done right.”

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