What’s coming in Apple’s 2022 MacBook Air

Most Apple pundits and analysts expect Apple to introduce a new redesigned MacBook Air, powered, of course, by superior Apple Silicon, in 2022.

MacBook Air features advanced stereo speakers for immersive, wide stereo sound and a three-mic array for more clear voice capture during FaceTime calls.
Apple’s current 13-inch M1 MacBook Air is an absolute powerhouse of performance and thin-and-light portability.

José Adorno for 9to5Mac:

While analysts Ross Young and Ming-Chi Kuo first believed Apple could add miniLED to this computer, they now say the company will remain with an LCD panel. Even though, a redesign is still expected with white bezels and colorful options…

Rumors so far say Apple will add two Thunderbolt ports for this machine, one on each side.

That said, a MagSafe connector is expected since Apple just brought it back to the MacBook Pro.

Naturally, rumors talk about the M2 chip. This processor is rumored to be faster than the base M1 model, but not as powerful as the M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra… The M2 chip (internally known as “Staten”)… has an eight-core CPU just like M1, [but] M2 will bring a more powerful 10-core GPU.

MacDailyNews Note: In March, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst Ross Young reported that the 2022 MacBook Air will feature a display size of 13.6-inches. This would make it 0.3-inches larger than the current ‌MacBook Air‌, but still 0.6-inches smaller than the current 14.2-inch MacBook Pro.

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  1. I bought the current MBA for one reason: I hate white bezels. I fully understand that Apple wants to refresh the design, but ick!!!! No white bezels or keyboard for me!

    Fortunately, the MBA I have will last me 4 or 5 years easy. This MF’er is FAST! I’m sure the new one will have better camera, a bit faster, blah, blah, but those white bezels and white keyboard are a no go for me!

  2. Apple should make new MacBook Air more distinctive in appearance, features, and specs compared to MacBook Pro. The current screen size is fine, please no notch. The “entry-level” M1 MacBook Pro exists because Apple wanted a MacBook Pro in the initial Apple Silicon lineup. It’s very similar to M1 MacBook Air and should be discontinued when MacBook Air goes to M2. A “pro” Mac should not be described as “entry-level” 😉

  3. Of course this is the purest of pure BS, mainly because I say so and can’t actually think of a good reason not just fall back on my regular mantra that everything Apple is BS.

    I’ll buy a Samsung GalaxyBook Air with S2 chip because I’m a contrarian kind of guy. 😂🤣

  4. The “Air” brand has passed its expiration date. Apple should have learned by now that people prefer robust keyboards and useful ports over anorexic design.

    People are increasingly price sensitive these days as well. Apple would be well served to have an entry-level plastic MacBook in two sizes (multiple color options for the fashionistas), and a few full featured MacBook Pro models in different sizes. Trying to sell a low-feature ultrathin Air laptop as a high priced premium model has always struck me as a bad value, especially now that laptop thinness is well past the point of diminished returns.

    The Pros should always get the latest and greatest chipsets updated regularly, and the entry level models could get last year’s chips with the corresponding price savings — while still holding Apple’s famously high profit margin. Everyone would be happy.

    Totally agree about the annoying screen notch. I am running Top Notch software to eliminate that eyesore. Otherwise, the current MBP is the best laptop design Apple has released for many years. Current Air customers should try a new Pro out to see what they’re missing.

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