Apple TV+ eyeing Kurt and Wyatt Russell for Monsterverse series ‘Monarch’

Apple TV+ in January announced a series order for a new original live-action series from Legendary’s Monsterverse franchise. Now, it’s reported that Apple is eyeing Kurt and Wyatt Russell to star in the series.

A new Monsterverse series  will premiere globally on Apple TV+.
A new Monsterverse series will premiere globally on Apple TV+.

Caitlin Tyrrell for The Illuminerdi:

Apple TV+ hopes to pair Wyatt Russell with his legendary father, Kurt Russell, in their upcoming Monsterverse series, Monarch.

The Monsterverse is coming to the small screen with the upcoming Apple TV+ series centered around the secret organization featured in these films, Monarch. This series, with the working title “Monarch”, is set after the battle between Godzilla and the Titans which decimated San Francisco and the world discovered the truth about monsters. Monarch will follow a family’s quest to discover secrets and an unexpected legacy that links them and the secret organization.

Not much is known about casting for Monarch, but Giant Freaking Robot recently reported that Apple is interested in Kurt Russell for the Monsterverse series. We did some more digging and not only managed to learn a few details about which character Kurt Russell could potentially play, but an even more intriguing casting possibility as well involving Kurt’s son, Wyatt Russell.

According to our sources, Monarch is looking at Kurt Russell to play a character called “Old Lee Shaw” and is also eyeing his son, Wyatt Russell, to play the younger version of this character, “Young Lee Shaw.” Old Lee Shaw will be a part of the 2015 period after the attack on San Francisco. Young Lee Shaw is described as “a military leading man type” and he would be seen in the 1950s/1960s era.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully this deal will get done for Kurt and Wyatt Russell, as it would be very cool (and better than any aging/de-aging that might be tried via makeup and/or CGI for either actor).

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