Apple Music bug replaces other apps in iPhone docks when downloaded

Apple’s iOS 15 has a bug that causes the Apple Music app to take a place in the iPhone’s dock when downloaded and, in a full dock, replacing another app that’s already there.

Apple Music

Oliver Haslam for iMore:

The issue, which appears to be impacting people seemingly at random and across builds of iOS 15, can cause the Apple Music app to replace whatever is already in the dock and, as you can imagine, that’s lead to more than a few conspiracy theories. Especially when the app that Apple Music replaces happens to be Spotify!

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has already jumped on the situation, suggesting that Apple has “rigged their operating system to do this.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’d like to see Sweeney’s proof for his accusation – not that he’s ever provided any before.

As much as people are predictably suggesting that Apple is doing this on purpose to give Apple Music a leg up over Spotify and the competition, this is clearly a bug rather than anything untoward.

MacDailyNews Take: When’s the last time you downloaded the Apple Music app from the App Store?

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