Stalker allegedly used an Apple Watch in his ex’s car’s wheel to secretly track her

A 29-year-old Tennessee man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly attempting to track his ex using an Apple Watch hooked to the wheel of her car.

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Chuck Morris for WSMV:

Police said Lawrence Welch, 29, has been charged with attaching an electronic tracking device to his girlfriend’s vehicle. He was arrested on Friday.

According to the affidavit, officers arrived at the Family Safety Center on Murfreesboro Pike after a call from security that the boyfriend and the victim, who was trying to get an order of protection, had showed up at the center.

Instead of coming inside, [Welch] approached the victim’s car and squatted down beside the front passenger-side tire. When officers inspected the vehicle, they found an Apple Watch, which Welch identified as his, attached to the tire’s spokes.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t do that.

(By the way, a fully-charged Apple Watch lasts a maximum of 18 hours, so a less efficient tracking device would be difficult to imagine.)

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  1. So this is how ÃpplėBŚ spends his weekends? No-one ever said he was smart, I mean, putting BS in your own name kinda suggests you emanate quite a lot of BS, and now this? 😂👍🏻

    1. This blockhead attached a several hundred dollar device to a car wheel when he could have purchased a $17 tracker from Amazon that doesn’t alert the trackee of its presence like an AirTag.

      To quote Jasper Fforde – “the stupidity quotient is rising”

  2. An AirTag was already one of the stupidest tracking devices a stalker could use. Using an Apple Watch to stalk someone may be worthy of the Dumb Hall of Fame.

  3. they leave air tags on ur car when ur at the mall to track and steal them out of ur driveway later. they stick them under the back of ur car so u don’t see them when you drive away.

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