Apple got tough on Russia, but what about China?

Apple and multiple other U.S. companies have or are in the process of severing ties with Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine, but the same companies have had little or nothing to say about China’s posturing against Taiwan or its years-long persecution of Uyghurs.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Jessica Chasmar for FOXBusiness:

Apple on Tuesday announced it has halted sales and other services like Apple Pay in Russia, saying it was “deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine” and stands with “all of the people who are suffering as a result of the violence.”

Apple has not made similar moves against China, which has been increasing its presence near Taiwan, an island that the communist country claims is part of its own territory despite the island’s claims of independence since 1949. The U.S. does not formally recognize Taiwan but maintains an unofficial relationship and is supportive of its democratic government.

Apple has also been silent about China’s human rights abuses against Muslims, particularly Uyghurs, in Xinjiang, which the U.S. has declared a genocide. In fact, the company removed a Quran app from its App Store in October following demands from the Chinese government. In March of last year, Apple complied with the Chinese government’s demands to remove H&M stores from Apple Maps in the country, after the Swedish-based retailer spoke out against the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses.

Apple did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment regarding the genocide of Uyghurs or whether it will take similar action against China that it did with Russia in the event of an invasion of Taiwan.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, these sort of questions are inevitable. The fact that stopping sales in Russia amounts to a rounding error while doing so in China would be cataclysmic to Apple’s bottom line (also because Apple’s major assemblers and many suppliers are also in China, negatively affecting business worldwide) leads to accusations that when real money is involved, Apple is compliantly mum.

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  1. Dont be Naive .. Aplle is 1st and foremost a business! Russia is not as critical, in any shape or form! Apple can afford to mess with Russia and get some PR value out of it….. not so with China!

    1. The Apple Apologist HYPOCRITE is making excuses for feckless Cook. The money is all that is important, got it. The situation is China is far worse and has been going on for decades…

      1. Goeb thinks Cook is the only US CEO that outsources to China. He only buys products produced within 100 miles of his home.

        Ask him to name any businessman from his party that DOESN’T have major dealings there and you’ll receive all manner of insults distractions and nonsensical partisan bull shite.

        Apple and every other large corporation continues to invest in China because China has both cheap labor and a fast growing consumer market that is more numerous than any other. Apple isn’t playing 3D chess and it doesn’t have an operations genius. It is chasing future profits the same as any other corporation. If you can’t admit that every corporation of every political bent puts money ahead of everything else, you might be a clueless fool like Goeb.

  2. If/when China invades Taiwan, it’ll be interesting to see how Apple reacts — not to mention the rest of the world for that matter. Apple needs China for its manufacturing strength and infrastructure, as well as its huge consumer market. Honestly, I’m not sure Apple CAN simply exit China, at least not now. And whether you believe it or not, things would likely be NO DIFFERENT if Jobs were still alive.

  3. If Tim cook we’re not a failure at operations, he would have diversified apples production so that he had many other supply chain areas. Diversification of supply is business 101 and he failed at it.

    Apple should produce at least 5% of its iPhones in the US as well. It has enough money to build up a diversified supply chain and cook failed. So he’s held hostage by china.

    Apple needs a CEO that underpants diversification and remedial business 101 issues. Apple needs a chef, but all it has is a cook.

    1. Genius operator, or not, the wealth flow from China is paralleled by kid being fed an unending and growth flow of bad food and toys they love. Instead of kid and their appetites, it’s an adult being blinded by profound wealth, the lauding from markets and stockholders that has led to the richest country in the World…of all time. He’s human–blinded by the ascent.

      I’ve benefitted greatly.
      The benefit has been coupled with a very bad odor.

    2. it’s amazing how little armchair quarterbacks understand about the complexity of Apple’s global supply chain, and Tim Cook’s brilliance in developing it, when saying “Apple needs a CEO that understands diversification and remedial business 101 issues.”

      By the way, I think you meant “understands” not “underpants.”

      Apple’s supply chain is as innovative as any technology they’ve ever developed, and more than anything else that might be Tim Cook’s greatest contribution. Business 101? Business students will be studying what Tim Cook has achieved for decades.

      That Apple is part of the world, and subject to geopolitical forces, catastrophes, dictators, pandemics and everything else that threatens the world, is part of doing business in the world.

      Incidentally, the past several years have seen greater global diversification in Apple’s production.

  4. Maybe_probably not. The development of the supply chain that would, supposedly, cause students to study Cook’s great achievement has to be put into a broader context…one that will make Cook and many others, appear bamboozled by China’s intentions.
    Nixon was seen as a (negatively) impersonal & cold, but lauded because of his ability to prompt the Chinese to (re) join into the World’s economic system. The 100 Yr Marathon, written by one in Nixon’s admin, notes at the time, they were oblivious and the Chinese were prescient. The Chinese saw the Nixon overtures as a way to enter, not as an equal and to be modernized (Western thinking), but as an opening to regain China’s long-past domination.

    So, to consider Cook’s actions of brilliant, seems naive…esp since info was present to inform of Chinese actual intentions. As well, the current situ does nothing, but confirm AAPL and multiples of western companies were either aware of China’s malfeasance and cared more about profit, or they were oblivious to the growing harm. Neither will go into the books pointing to brilliance worthy of study. It’ll fit better in history books, noting foolish decisions for profit while the corporation becomes constricted and bound and the Nation (and the West) declines.

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