Largest Apple Premium Reseller in Russia closes stores

Russia’s largest Apple Premium Reseller has closed its stores due to sanctions and rampant inflation. Apple itself stopped selling products in Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

Largest premium Apple reseller in Russia closes stores
An explosion lights up the night sky over Kiev in the early hours of Thursday, February 24th, as Russia launched an attack on Ukraine (Photo: The Daily Mail)

Stephen Warwick for iMore:

The closure was first noted by, and in a statement reported by Rise re:Store stated:

“The decision to close re:Store stores today is temporary and is caused by the need to assess the current situation on the market. In the near future, the stores will continue their work as usual.”

It follows Apple’s decision to stop selling products in the country alongside other measures to limit its services and operations in the country. It also follows news that resellers who have continued to operate in the country are battling skyrocketing prices caused by sanctions that are leading to massive inflation in the country.

Re:store operates 44 stores in total, mostly in Russia…

MacDailyNews Take: Russian resellers will likely go the way of the dodo, as will Putin, hopefully ASAP, but Apple itself can stop doing business in Russia with very little negative business impact for a long as it takes for sane Russians to do what needs to be done.

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  1. If only Americans still had the balls to do the same. At one time in history they did.

  2. I find it pretty revealing when the topics about Apple Pay, product sales and being halted in Russia are brought up there is nary a mention from mdn about the plight of the Ukrainian people. That small potatoes poor Podunk nation just happens to be inflicting acts against humanity with real WMDs and a nuclear arsenal on alert. The Swiss, that were fine doing business with the gnatzis, have cut out their renown financial services. The Russian people will suffer from such censorship of services, but it’s their leadership is instigating this situation.

    Ukraine doesn’t have a whinny former president going on how this would never happen if he was still in office. They have a former president that is out there with the current one, and I’m willing to bet that he’s shared his insights about KKKaputin. These brave, fully spined men aren’t worried about losing the next election, they are worried about their lives, their family, their friends, their country, their identity.

    There might be news one day about a massive donation from Apple to the Ukrainian people. If and when that day comes, I hope that mdn can show a smidgen of empathy towards the current plight of the Ukrainian people when they put up their commentary.

    Meanwhile, there is a call to arms. Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

    “Those foreign individuals who have the will and ability along side Ukrainians against invaders are welcome to join the international legion of territorial defence of Ukraine, Please address the Ukrainian embassies in your country.”

    [video src="" /]

    1. Calling for “sane Russians to do what needs to be done” so that Putin goes “the way of the dodo” ASAP is starkly empathetic to the plight of the Ukrainian people.

      Under Trump, America had energy independence, weren’t funding Putin’s war crimes, and enjoyed four years of peace through strength.

      The cheating to install Biden will be the death of the Democrat Party in America.

      Just 251 days remain until the GOP Tsunami washes America clean on November 8.

      1. This site used to be about Mac and Mac news. Now the comments sections are full of whining Trumpists. How about you limit your comments here to things that are relevant to the Macintosh community, and save all the whining for the truth Netwerk where people love to hear it.

    2. It’s true, this would never have happened under Trump.

    3. Typical bleeding heart liberal demanding “thoughts and prayers.”

      That sentiment and a nickel will get you five cents.

      Then, once you get your “thoughts and prayers,” you will ridicule anyone who offers them, calling it an “empty gesture” and likely, making fun of people who believe in God and prayers.

      FU. Hard. We all know your kind.

      Why do you waste everyone’s time reiterating what MDN has already written?

      MDN: “Russia is small potatoes; a poor podunk nation w/, unfortunately, a bunch of aging nukes left over from yet another failed socialist state, headed by a despot w/ a raging Napoleon complex.”

      Mr. Redundant: “That small potatoes poor Podunk nation just happens to be inflicting acts against humanity with real WMDs and a nuclear arsenal on alert.”

      Can’t manage to come up with an original thought, can you?

      FOAD, douche bag.

      Biden is a rolling disaster and everyone who’s honest or who has an IQ over 70 knows it by now. Most of us knew it long ago, after witnessing Biden’s 40+ years of failure, being wrong on every issue for decades, pay-for-play corruption, etc., etc, etc.

      So, what’s your issue? Why can’t you see Biden is a dumpster fire? Are you dishonest or mentally retarded or both?

      1. I don’t see what your issue is, creepy, sleepy, sneaky, sleazy joe whatever is a dumpster fire. Like I said before, watching your country is like watching a turd go down the toilet…clockwise…then counter clockwise.
        Put them all in the ring and my money is on Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I think I’ve made that clear. It’s nice to see real leadership on the planet for a change.

    4. “Ukraine doesn’t have a whinny former president going on how this would never happen if he was still in office.”

      A leftist DIG at President Trump the day after the worst State of the Union address by Biden. Good to read Trump is still leaving rent free in your Leftist head.

      Trumps’ many great economic policies such as peace through strength putting the fear of God into dictators, a booming economy and setting many government and political all-time RECORDS. Who cares about his personality flaws other than the mocking far left.

      Our presidents do not lockdown their own people in their homes like your dictator government does. That’s a clear example of whiny wimps afraid of Covid and their own shadow.

      Bottom Line: We don’t need or care about your opinion Aussie in the USA…

  3. If Communist China invades and takes over the Republic of China aka Taiwan because of America’s weak and feckless leadership.

    Will Tim stop Apple’s production, cease Apple sales and close Apple stores in China also, in order to show solidarity with the people of Taiwan? Or be a typical hypocrite.

    Will the “suits” at Apple be wearing Taiwan’s flag lapel pen.

    Will Apple create an emoji to symbolize and will Big Tech allow all the MSM and Hollywood celebrities to tweet out, “We are all Taiwanese now”?!?

    We shall see.

    1. You use a broad brush, my friend. Neither America nor Apple has legal authority, persuasion, cash, or military power to dictate what happens in Asia.

      You should have learned that from the Korean and Vietnam wars, not to mention Afghanistan and Iraq. The USA is such a short term thinking society, you can win a tactical confrontation but your hubris and greed ensures that you don’t win any long term conflict. Hell you stole real estate from Spain and Mexico over a century ago and those territories still don’t speak English.

      China owns the US and your corporate leaders keep selling out more. China’s Belt&Road gains it primary access to any global resources it wants, while the US rapidly loses it hegemony.

      Trump didn’t stop the outsourcing (he participated in it), Congress didn’t stop it, Wall Street don’t care. Cook gets paid hundreds of millions to sell out, he doesn’t spend a millisecond worrying about long term vitality of the USA. You fools are living so far beyond your means, you’ll never pay off your debts. Your corporate leaders will then move their headquarters to Beijing as if nothing happened. Besides, Don sez Xi is “brilliant leader”. “Great gentleman”. “We love each other”. Clearly the quotes of a card player with the winning hand, right?

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