Apple to increase COVID-19 testing for vaccinated retail employees ahead of dropping employee mask mandate

Apple plans to begin testing vaccinated retail staff twice a week for COVID-19 in preparation for dropping its mask mandate for employees.

Apple Face Mask
Apple employee wearing an Apple Face Mask

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

The company announced the plan in a memo to U.S. retail staff Tuesday, changing a policy that had required vaccinated workers to test once a week. Unvaccinated staff had already been required to test twice weekly. At the same time, the company is now allowing employees to verify their results independently rather than providing proof.

Apple also said in the memo that it is reconsidering the mask requirement for employees and that an update will be shared soon. “At this point, team members should continue to wear a face mask in store,” according to the memo. The company is “currently reviewing our face mask guidance for team members.”

Apple has been gradually loosening its COVID-19 rules. The company recently dropped its mask mandate for customers in most stores across the country… The company has yet to announce a new return-to-office deadline for corporate employees.

MacDailyNews Take: This period in history — COVID-19 and the various and sundry reactions to it (rational and irrational) — will be studied far and wide, especially by psychologists and sociologists.

MacDailyNews Note: More info about safety measures for open Apple Stores here.

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  1. Moronic. Anyone look at the COVID data lately? In my West Coast State 99.81% of all COVID is Omicron. A nothing burger, but gives you antibodies for the entire spectrum. It is the dynamite that is blowing out the oil fire. Best thing that could have happened is a lame not lung attacking, head cold at worst, Asymptomatic at best version of this thing that most people get and move on.

    And Apple is testing people why? Are Apple’s masks KN95? If so, I feel for the staffers, but I’d bet my mortgage Apple’s staffers saw same rates of infection as anyone else, despite their out of control clean room hysterics in their stores.

    Apple is worried about employee lawsuits more than anything, I get that. I get it, but still, this is just stuck on stupid. Move on people. Get over the panic and get some factual science in the brain. ugh….

  2. Midterms elections are coming up and extended Covid policies no longer poll well. So the science has flipped and all government Covid restrictions now end in concert with Biden’s state of the union speech in an attempt to reset. Unfortunately facts and science are now very political.

    114,071 FEB 28 2022
    50,905 FEB 28 2021

    1,972 FEB 28 2022
    1,129 FEB 28 2021

    CDC numbers show the science of fact proves conveniently Covid is over just in times for 2022 mid term elections.

    1. This should not be a surprise to you, but public health policy is driven primarily by the state of the hospital systems, not infection rates in the wild.

      Thanks to vaccination, emergency rooms aren’t overflowing with victims today. That is the difference.

      The viruses will continue to circulate, but vaccinated people recover quickly. The people seeking emergency care for COVID today are almost all the belligerent unvaccinated. The data is published if you took the time to read what the actual medical professionals have reported.

      But you knew that.

      1. Does the CDC have any data on the rate of peaceful unvaccinated individuals seeking emergency care vs the belligerent unvaccinated? Does Omicron distinguish between “belligerent” and “peaceful” individuals?

        1. Yes, belligerents. “ 1 : inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility, or combativeness”

          Exhibits abound on this site regularly. Anyone who politicized a public health matter is truly a combatant against science. We’ve only been using vaccines effectively since Louis Pasteur, what could real scientists and doctors know that anonymous FUD slingers on a Mac forum don’t?

          1. We all know how the “science following Dems” politicized covid and public health. This is demonstrated by their new covid tune just in time for mid-terms in Nov.

            1. for the paid troll wingnuts that mdn hosts here, they can’t fathom that there are things in the world unrelated to elections of your radical party.

          2. Exhibits abound… maybe because this is the “comments” section. Just maybe. If you want curated posts, try youtube, FB, Twitter and IG. They are much more acceptable and inclusive since they exclude all unacceptable views for your comfort and convenience.

          3. MacDailyNews Take: This period in history — COVID-19 and the various and sundry reactions to it (rational and irrational) — will be studied far and wide, especially by psychologists and sociologists.

            By the time I graduate, there will be a huge sample of vaccinated survivors to study. The unvaccinated sample will be predictably small and shrinking by the day 😳
            I’m sure some psychologists and social data analysts are already drawing conclusions from MDN’s horrendous misinformation campaign and the anti science/alternative facts cultists.
            They’ll have to be quick.

            1. By the time you graduate what, kindergarten?

              MDN simply states:

              “This period in history — COVID-19 and the various and sundry reactions to it (rational and irrational) — will be studied far and wide, especially by psychologists and sociologists.”

              A few psychologists ought to take a look at why you seem to be so very, very upset – you mad, bro? – over an exceedingly simple statement of fact.

      1. Their entire lives are informed by and consumed by lies and misinformation so it just becomes normal for them. Critical thinking becomes secondary to their side winning by any and all means possible, even if it means cheating and lying. I like to poke them here from time to time to see how they react, but it’s always the same. They’re children. And not particularly bright ones at that but the mob mentality takes over with them.

        1. Re: Critical thinking

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