New ‘PublicSq.’ app connects freedom-loving Americans with businesses against COVID vaccine mandates

A new app, called “PublicSq.” aims to connect freedom-loving Americans with local community, reliable information and businesses that share their values.

New 'PublicSq.' app connects freedom-loving Americans with businesses against COVID vaccine mandates

Bradford Betz for FOX Business:

Its founder, Michael Seifert, 26, told FOX Business on Wednesday the idea came out of the realization that millions of Americans want to spend money on businesses that align with their values but don’t know where those places are. “We have all felt this desire to spend money in alignment with our values. But a real difficulty (is) finding out the local businesses that do love freedom, love our country and are run and operated by people that want to see a freedom-filled future in our country,” Seifert said. “And so, the app was born out of a desire to create that solution.”

In addition to the directory, the app features a job board where people who have been fired for their medical status can find an employer who is – as Seifert puts it – “freedom-loving.”

Although PublicSq. is only available for now in California, Seifert says he and his team are working on making it available nationwide – perhaps as soon as the end of this month. “We’ve got waiting lists in other states of up to hundreds of different businesses that are waiting to join. So, we’ve basically compiled lists in every different state, Seifert said. “For example, we’ve got over 300 businesses on the waitlist just in Illinois.”

Business owners who have used the app told FOX Business PublicSq. made them realize they were not alone in their fight against vaccine mandates.

David Williams, founder of LocalHub, a coworking space in Escondido, said there are many like-minded business owners who feel the media is not adequately showing their point of view. “Having a group of people saying, ‘Hey, you’re not crazy for feeling this way,’ this is actually what we see as the right way to move forward,” Williams said. “And so having people who are actually on our side, wanting to work with us, it’s been a game-changer.”

MacDailyNews Note: On January 13th, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), et al. from mandating that employers force workers to be vaccinated or to wear masks and be tested weekly at employers with 100 or more employees.

The PublicSq. app is available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad via Apple’s App Store here.

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  1. The Democrats are killing themselves off in their autocratic zeal.

    Vaccinated U.S. Senator Lujan, 49, Suffers Stroke, Undergoes Surgery; GOP rules Senate 50-49

    When you deny the true God and make up false gods to worship instead (worthless masks, clotshots, climate change, political correctness, etc.) you’ve lost your way. You will pay a price.

    Thou shalt have no other gods before me. – the first of the Ten Commandments

    The clotshots don’t stop people from carrying, spreading, or contracting COVID, so why would any thinking person mandate them? Especially when the clotshots cause strokes, myocardial infarction, infertility, miscarriages, Bells’ palsy and other neurological issues, pulmonary embolisms, etc.

      1. Guess what? You can make a personal medical decision, weighing the benefits and risks, and decide to get vaccinated yet still be pro-freedom and oppose authoritarian vaccine mandates.

  2. The bigger the anti-vaxxwer movement grows, the faster it will resolve itself. Thinning the herd, or as those that believe in evolution call it, natural selection. It’s actually pretty funny, so many people willing to die for spite. 😀

      1. “Red America is now dying from COVID-19 at a clearly higher rate than blue America”

        The less you believe it, the more it happens. It’s been suggested that somebody must’ve done the math for the former president, which would explain his recent encouragement of vaccination.

        And I can’t offhand think of any of my freedoms that have been taken away. We’ve had vaccine mandates in the USA for over 250 years, long before anyone here was born, so it’s nothing new.

      2. From today’s news feeds: “For those who were boosted, the average of weekly deaths was 0.1 per 100,000 people, meaning that unvaccinated individuals were 97 times more likely to die compared to those who were boosted,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said.

      1. You need to work on your math skills. Serious adverse effects (beyond a sore arm or a few hours of flu-like symptoms) are in the order of 1 per 100,000. Meanwhile, 20% of those who catch Covid get seriously ill.

        And while the fatality rate is “only” about 2 percent, perhaps double that number will face a lifetime of lung problems and cognitive issues. “Long Covid” is a real thing.

        The virus is worse than the risks of the vaccines. Much worse.

    1. Almsot as funny as those who accept government, the powerful and TV as absolute. History is very clear, people like that (like you) aren’t funny as to what you cause to come about.
      Fortuntely for every you there is there is someone else who questions government and the powerful. That you fight that and boastfully show pride in that? Now that is funny, sad, but funny.

    1. 75% of deaths occurred with those with comorbidities…the parachute that was supposed to aid, didn’t.
      Don’t you find it interesting, bordering on the malevolent, that our great leaders, including President Drift, that comorbidities are never part of the repeated “be safe, help your neighbors, we can get through this if_get vaxxed siren?”
      Answer this…would your chances of living on the other side Covid increase more by being vaxed, or by living healthfully, by moving out/away from comorbidity factors that are in your control?

      1. Your argument presents a false choice.
        It isn’t “either vaccinate OR be healthy”.

        How about living a healthy lifestyle (which many Americans don’t do) AND get the vaccine?

        The USA is in the midst of a pandemic of junk food and obesity. I’m fully in support of living healthily – no problem there. The fact is that a vast number of Americans, Republicans AND Democrats, are sick and suffer from the co-morbidities you mention.

        A bigger factor though is outright stupidity and denialism.

        1. My choice wasn’t false at all. I’m living healthfully and fully past sickness with no unapproved vax part of my valid choice.

          Life has risks. We all take risks. Some believe this is a risk and others think that is a risk. Thinking one is determining what’s best for their neighbor would be considered meddling by most. When govt does it, it approaches stateism, at least. I think that description is mild.

          Do you meddle in your neighbor’s business too?

      2. Everyone talks about the comordibities. Of course, since the majority of Americans are overweight/obese, most of us are in the high-risk pool. But the best defense is being as healthy as you can be, AND getting the vaccine. As others have rightly pointed out, it’s not a matter of either-or…

    2. Masks are Democrats’ MAGA hats and, in the end, Fauci will have killed more people than Hitler.

      Shed your fear, folks. The virus is already here. It’s already spread. There’s little a mask can do when it’s everywhere. Given that COVID is now something we must deal with annually throughout the course of our lives, most people are eventually going to get infected. Just like a ton of people get colds every year. And just like tens of millions contract the flu every year. Everyone is done with this kabuki theater.

      Matt Vespa, Townhall, February 3, 2022

      1. As the nearly one million dead Americans have already realized, this virus is NOT the freakin’ common cold. And while it’s possible we’ll all get infected at one time or another, by being vaccinated, you’re far far far less likely to wind up in the ICU with a breathing tube shoved down your paralyzed throat.

  3. Unvax’d here. Got it. Didn’t die. Living now with antibodies and no comorbidities (to which I attend to responsibly). My choice to NOT get vax’d wasn’t related to spite in any way.

    Your presumptuous narrative is wrong. Get it ck’d for the health of the population and yourself.
    Misinfo is v dangerous…so I thought.

  4. “Methinks the Aroma stinks; the aire doth be fouléd. There doth be something rotten in Denmark. It is the brain of the person.”

  5. I’m going to get the app so I can avoid these places like the plague that they encourage. This app would be a great place to place your ads for “colloidal silver therapies”, payday loans, and other scams directed at morons who can’t do math.

  6. My wife and I are very unhealthy with many comirbidities, unvaxxed, got Covid, and enjoying life except for living in occupied territory (CA). Our secret? We did not go to the E.R.

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