Apple mandates daily COVID-19 tests for unvaccinated corporate employees

Apple will force unvaccinated corporate employees to undergo daily COVID-19 tests while vaccinated staff members will be required to take rapid tests once per week.

Apple mandates daily COVID-19 tests for unvaccinated corporate employees
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

Apple Inc. will begin to force unvaccinated corporate employees to test for COVID-19 each time they want to enter an office, a move that tightens its virus protocols while still stopping short of a vaccine mandate.

The new requirement will also apply to employees who decline to report their vaccination status to Apple, the company told employees this week. Vaccinated staff will be required to take rapid tests once per week.

Apple retail store employees, meanwhile, will have slightly different rules. Unvaccinated staff will be asked to test twice per week instead of each day they come to work. Vaccinated workers will also need to take a rapid test each week.

Apple is asking employees to report their vaccination status by Oct. 24, a delay from an earlier mid-September deadline. Employees will also have to show proof of their status in the coming days… The new requirements go into effect on Nov. 1, Apple told staff.

Employees will be able to pick up at-home rapid tests from Apple offices and retail stores. The tests take 15 minutes, and employees will self-report their results through an internal app.

MacDailyNews Take: We imagine this will move, and others like it, will be thoroughly tested in many courts of law over the coming months and years.

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  1. Onerous, capricious, and arbitrary requirements for employment will certainly be challenged in court.


    If you mandate, as a private employer, “vaccination” against Covid-19 any and all adverse events as a result of said jabs are now chargeable to you, as the Federal Government itself has deemed that “mandated” vaccinations are indeed injuries that occurred while performing the job in question, irrespective of where the jab took place, and that said adverse events, up to and including death do in fact occur.

    Got that employers and HR Departments? Said “adverse events” are expected.

    Oh by the way your insurance firm has likely inserted a “pandemic exemption” into your liability coverage. That’s shown up in a whole lot of those policies over the last year or so, and it’s odds-on that’s the case for you as well.

    Incidentally there is plenty of evidence that these jabs will be eventually found to be responsible for a whole host of serious problems, and those do not end within a couple of weeks of the jab itself. Indeed, the evidence is mounting rapidly (see the all-cause “excess death” rates for various age groups, particularly cardiac and circulatory related, among young people now showing up in places like Scotland and England for examples) that there is a causal link between both strokes and heart attacks.

    I remind you that the FDA and pharmaceutical industry claimed, not all that long ago, that no such link existed for Vioxx. It was only after about 60,000 Americans had heart attacks and died, and several hundred thousand had non-fatal heart problems caused by it, that it was withdrawn from the market — five years later.

    Moderna and Pfizer may be immune from lawsuit but you are not, and further, the precedent by the Federal Government itself now exists based on their own public statement that if an employee gets screwed by the jab you demanded they take you’re on the hook whether that injury is evident five minutes afterward or five years later.

    If OAS or ADE shows up as is being indicated, but not yet proved by the data out of both Scotland and Britain then you’re really in trouble as every single vaccinated person who gets Covid-19 and dies or is permanently harmed in your organization, and that will be a very sizable percentage of the whole, is going to result in a huge lawsuit that you will lose.

    Good luck *******s; you just got ****ed, your company is likely to be a smoking hole and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    Karl Denninger, October 20, 2021

    1. I am a shareholder and I wish Apple would be sued to near extinction for their war against America, freedom, the Constitution, the right to decide what to put in your body. Apple will kill many of its own employees with this tyrannical and stupid decision. The management deserves to suffer what the worst victims of the vaccine have suffered. The end of life. Forcing these poison shot on people who don’t want them, for a disease easily cured with cheap and proven drugs, is criminal. And Tim Cook is now operating as a criminal.

      1. You have complete control over what you put in your body just like Apple has complete control over their terms of employment. You are 100% free not to take the vaccine, you are not 100% from the consequences.

        1. If anyone has the vaccine they have no concern over whether I have the vaccine. If you want to take unapproved poison be my guest. What is with you communists that you insist on telling everyone else to do? Oh yeah, your communists.

  2. If there are enough of them, they should all quit en-masse and see how Apple copes with losing a significant percentage of their workforce that they would probably be hard pressed to replace for months if not years..

    There is no reason for this now, Covid is never going to go away, its like any other disease that you learn to live with and have good therapeutics to deal with it if you do get sick. The vaccinated should not worry about the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated if they get sick, will deal with whatever the consequences are, and in 99.5% or better, it will be they’ll wind up immune.. Chances are some of the people they want to “force” to be vaccinated, may already be immune.

  3. Force, or make it a condition of work. Just like the retina scan, the fingerprint scan, the ID cards.

    Oh and I guess that quote from MDN “Please keep the discussion civil and on-topic. Off-topic posts and ad hominem attacks will be deleted and those who post such comments will be moderated/blocked. Permanent loss of screen name could also result.” only applies to the top topic where they post it (it certainly did not apply to my Facebook post) so I guess it’s fair game once again, to target me with ad hominem attacks and so on.
    Way to moderate MDN. I salute your patriotism.

      1. GoeB, you wouldn’t know REALITY if it bit you in the butt.
        All you know is how to write knee-jerk insulting reactions to any comments that don’t fit your right-wing, pro-Trump, conservative beliefs.

        Are you a grown-up, or a kid who was fed nonsense by its uptight parents?

  4. The CDC has said that the PCR test, which Apple will be using, is totally recalled (after December) because it cannot distinguish between COVID, the flu and the common cold. The Nobel Prize winner and inventor of the PCR test stated repeatedly that PCR testing is totally incapable of accurately detecting COVID. That would be Dr. Kary Mullis.

    Tim Cook is an asshole.

          1. He was talking about the PCR test being used to test for viruses. He also stated that Anthony Fauci was completely unqualified to do anything involving expertise in epidemiology.

            1. The PCR test reproduces genetic material already present. It is concretely qualified to determine a “yes” or “no” on exposure. Not to quantify the exposure.

              In the absence of lab error, the only way to really get a false positive is to detect inactive virus, (a safe condition by the way). False positives endanger no one.
              There are no false negatives, and that is a “confirmed safe” situation.

              And no, false positives are not in the 50% range, they are in the 0.058% range.

              You, however, remain 100% wrong on everything you raised here, proving yet again that the capacity of an idiots mind for wrong information is infinite.

      1. Kary Mullis explains on video that it is totally inadequate to test for viruses. That is a fact. The testers use amplification levels up to 40 which amount to massive zooming) to make anything look like a virus. Then the CDC testers throttle the amplification up or down depending on whether they want lots of positives or few positives. Are you so dense you are unaware of the massive numbers of false positives that the test has produced? Is your head so deep in the sand or up your ass you are unaware the CDC itself has recalled it, and said it couldn’t distinguish between the flu, a cold and COVID? Apparently yes.

    1. Oh dear, still folk come out with the same old misinformation here.
      The PCR test detects ‘the virus’ nothing else.
      It does not detect disease, that would be the purview of the clinicians attending the patient.

    1. I hope you are able to join this very nice black woman in the world she had delivered to her by the hospital which mandated that she, a very healthy woman, get or else lose her job. Just like the asshole Tim Cook is mandating. Listen to this woman explain her wonderful new life that began the day after the vaccine when she had one leg amputated, then the other, then a hand, then several finger on her only remaining appendage. You know, this is a pretty normal medical scenario. I hope both you and Tim Cook can “walk a mile in her shoes” (ouch) and have the same world to live in that she was “mandated into” by communist imbeciles like Tim Cook, who have the support of imbeciles like you. Gee I hope this happens and you can tell us all how it feels to truly empathize.

  5. This nice woman explains what happened to her when she took a friend advice though she did not think she should. At a minimum I hope Tim Cook experiences what she has endured so he can appreciate the true value of the vaccine which is not a vaccine which does not stop the person from getting the thing the vaccine is supposed to stop and does prevent the person from transmitting the COVID they get after the vaccine to the smarter unvaccinated who did actual research and critical thinking and chose not to get it. I hope Tim Cook has this experience before the end of the day.

  6. Hey Tim, let your employees “prove their vaccination status” with the same types of identification that you think voters should be able to use to prove their authenticity. An employee should be able to anonymously mail in a form and whatever they send must be accepted. There can be no challenges to the forms submitted by the employees. Vaccination proof should be not a scintilla more demanding than we require of voters. That means everything must be accepted.

    BTW, Tim Cook is an asshole. But then, he likes that.

  7. There is one other problem with this approach, according to the CDC and various studies, there is no statistical difference in the viral loads between a vaccinated and unvaccinated person – e.g. a fully vaccinated person can be just as much of a spreader.

    You don’t take the vaccine to protect others – you take it to protect yourself.

    At least if an unvaccinated person shows symptoms, the person and others in the orbit take active steps to quarantine or prevent transmission. But for a vaccinated person who is an asymptomatic spreader, you never know and assume it’s safe.

    This is the biggest example of survivorship bias I have ever seen.

  8. ANTI-SCIENCE from Tim Cook and Apple. EVERYONE KNOWS that REAL IMMUNITY is NATURAL IMMUNITY. Tim, you are so behind the curve on this, the puck is already in your empty net behind you, you FOOL. Vaccine efficacy against the Delta variant is around 0-15%, and the Delta variant IS the Coronavirus now you twit! Meanwhile the SCIENCE has shown natural immunity to be EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE against the Delta Variant. SCIENCE. FACTS.


    1. Tim is looking out for his Big Pharma buddies, he may be clueless about product design but he knows how much money is to be made in regular, mandatory injections and the QR/surveillance tech Apple is already developing to enforce it. The iPhone will be the preferred device of dystopian totalitarianism. You think their surveillance program to “protect the kids” is a coincidence? Funny how the announcement dovetailed with the kill shot mandates, it is probably already being tested to identify the un-vaxxed.

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