Pregnant man, pregnant person emoji coming to Apple iPhones

A so-called “pregnant man” emoji and “pregnant person” emoji are coming to Apple iPhones with its latest update, iOS 15.4.

Pregnant man, pregnant person emoji coming to Apple iPhones

Audrey Conklin for FOXBusiness:

The pregnant emoji aren’t new for some, since they arrived as part of an update that emoji-encyclopedia Emojipedia announced in September 2021. However, Apple’s version of the emoji were released Thursday as part of iOS 15.4 beta — a voluntary system update iPhone users can choose to install.

The push to include everyone in pregnancy has erupted in controversy, with some cultural commentators arguing that the effort to make the biologically specific phenomenon all-inclusive erases factors that make women distinctive from men and even dehumanizes women.

To voice concerns with Apple: (408) 996–1010.

According to health website, people who were born biologically female but identify as men are transgender men who can give birth because they have the reproductive organs necessary to do so — especially those who do not take or have stopped taking testosterone. The same goes for those who identify as non-binary.

MacDailyNews Take: Also already available are unicorn, dragon, and mermaid emoji.

It is, though, perfect for those “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” / “I just drank so much beer” texts.

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    1. The the dumb emoji adversely affects you how? Maybe you could show us where it hurts. Bottom line, “snowflake”: It doesn’t affect you in the slightest. I does not matter.

  1. Effing nutty.

    Feel free to identify as anything and demand respect…regardless of any connection to real truth.
    Only a bigot (or whatever fits here) would disagree?

    1. I respect all people and will call people by any pronouns they wish. But don’s piss on my leg and tell me that it’s raining. I can identify as a unicorn, but it doesn’t mean I’m a unicorn. And I can’t go around demanding that everyone call me a unicorn.

  2. Yesterday, a number of Instagram-posting-like-juveniles were riled when some were critical of AAPL and called out the dissenters as “Apple Haters.” (These types–mostly liberal–often “settle” disagreements with intolerant and inflexible name-calling so often associated today with race, science and gender).

    Will you declare the same now as some are critical of this “believing it will make it true” garbage?

      1. Once again your leftist leanings cloud your judgement. No one said conservatives never resort to name calling.

        Vinnie’s point was juvenile leftists cannot argue facts, because they have NONE and immediately resort to name calling, and LOSE the argument.

        They employ this tactic more than 90% of the time and conservatives are not in their league, no contest.

        There, I fixed it for you…

  3. Apple is a left wing company, almost all tech is. Accept that they’ll do silly things like this – mostly to appease the adamantly woke part of their work force and the orgs that go around to companies pushing it.

    1. Elon Musk is left-wing? Peter Thiel? Larry Ellison?

      The rank and file in tech may lean to the left, but the people at the top making the real money tend to be far more conservative (as is the case with most industries).

      Other right-leaning tech titans include Scott McNealy (Sun Microsystems), Michael Dell, Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, Intel’s Brian Krzanich, and others.

      This article is out of date, but might prove interesting reading:

    2. ABSOLUTELY NOT, Apple apologist. I don’t have to accept when Apple under SJW Cook purposely pushes Left Wing woke CRAP like this that is utterly wrong and ridiculous…

  4. Funny….yesterday when MDN reported on Apple’s greatest quarter ever, there were very few comments.

    Now, after a silly article about emojis (which, by the way, did NOT originate with Apple), all the usual worms and trolls come crawling out of the woodwork.


    1. Funny, Mr. Skellum…I don’t believe you posted yesterday, but today you did.
      Re ” the silly article about emojis”…Can I call you Mr. Pot? I’m asking for Mr Kettle.

      1. In case you didn’t understand, I was referring to the people (if I may dignify them by calling them that) who regularly call for Tim Cook to be fired and make other snide and disparaging remarks at the slightest provocation.

        I didn’t feel the need to do the opposite and applaud Apple and Tim Cook yesterday, hence my lack of posts, but I will do so now:

        Well done Apple!!
        Well done Tim Cook!!

    2. Well that’s because articles that do not contain trigger words like ‘pregnant’ ‘abortion’ ‘fraud’ ‘democracy’ ‘voting rights’ ‘guns’ etc ad nauseum, don’t give them a testosterone high to mitigate their miserable world view.
      Poor things.

  5. When Apple launched the “Think Different”  campaign, the idea of the crazy ones changing the world and pushing it forward meant something other than thrusting one’s own moral bankruptcy on others.

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