Apple TV+ has one great feature that stands above the other streaming services

Apple TV+, the subscription streaming service from Apple, offers one great feature that stands above all of the other streaming services.

Apple TV+
Apple TV+

Philip Michaels for Tom’s Guide:

I think what I appreciate most about Apple TV+ is how easy Apple makes it to leave the service behind.

That’s not a backhanded compliment. Apple is surprisingly upfront about when your Apple TV+ subscription is about to auto-renew and gives you enough advance warning to do something about it. It’s a practice [of which] I wish other subscription services —including the best streaming services — would take note…

Over the weekend, an email from Apple popped up in my inbox. It alerted me that my free Apple TV+ trial was nearing its end, gave me the exact date on which I would have to pay the $4.99 per month and told me when I needed to cancel by if I wanted to avoid being charged. There was even a helpful link for managing my subscription in the email… As an avowed cheapskate who has taken advantage of many free trials over the years, I can assure you that heads-up notices like the one Apple sent me are few and far between.

Once Ted Lasso Season 3 rolls around later this year, I’ll probably re-up with Apple TV+.

And when I do, I’ll feel a lot better about doing business with Apple than a lot of other providers of streaming services.

MacDailyNews Take: Beyond Ted Lasso, which is great, there’s a bunch of excellent series, documentaries, and films on Apple TV+. You can see them all in one place here.

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  1. That is nice and uncommon. I’ve run into these free trials that try to put up clever barriers to cancelling. However, the backend things like this aren’t a value to most consumers. They don’t really give much consideration to the back end issues.

  2. “Once Ted Lasso Season 3 rolls around later this year, I’ll probably re-up with Apple TV+.”

    I actually think there are millions of people who think this way – which just shows they need a lot more shows before they can compete with Disney.

    Or you know, just fucking buy Disney. 😛

  3. It’s because TV+ (like all Apple subscriptions) is a value-added service for Apple customers, to make the experience of using Apple’s hardware products better. The services make money (overall), but they are not Apple’s profit center. It’s also why TV+ is only $4.99 for what is now excellent content (and it was “free” when 🦠 made production of new content difficult). The others must make profit on the streaming service, so they’re “sneaky” about not sending reminders about free trial ending.

  4. Never saw a need for what Apple offers in its streaming service. Seems like they spend a ton on exclusive content rather then being a solid re streamer of a created content. Not to mention I can buy a much cheaper streaming device from 3rd parties over Apple TV. Ok, so Apple has loads of money to throw at exclusive content. But eventually they will have to get enough subscribers to justify it. I think Apple jumped on the bandwagon without properly understanding how difficult it is the draw in paid subscribers.

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