Apple reportedly still has one more Intel-based Mac left in its pipeline

Apple reportedly still has one more Intel-based Mac left in its pipeline: the next iteration of the desktop Mac Pro that’s yet to be released.

Intel snail

Sami Fathi for MacRumors:

With the Mac Pro, Apple is not expected to entirely transition its most powerful Mac to Apple silicon yet, as we’re expecting at least one new ‌‌Mac Pro‌‌ to feature an Intel chip. Apple is working on two new Mac Pro machines, one featuring an entire redesign, and another that will feature the current design with updated internals.

For its Intel-based ‌Mac Pro‌, we’re expecting the desktop to feature Intel’s Xeon Scalable processor, which Intel says has “advanced performance, security, efficiency, and built-in AI acceleration to handle IoT workloads and more powerful AI.”

Apple silicon chips run on an entirely different architecture than Intel-based Macs. On Apple silicon Macs, Apple uses Rosetta 2 to automatically and seamlessly translate apps built for Intel computers to run on Apple silicon.

While Rosetta 2 works for the majority of customers, Apple may be wanting to hold out a little longer to ensure the translation technology is more mature before allowing its most high-end professional and demanding customers to use it…

As for the redesigned ‌Mac Pro‌, expected sometime next year, it may feature up to 32 high-performance cores and up to 128 graphics cores. Some reports have suggested the new Mac Pro could be equipped with two or four dies of the M1 Max chip for ultra-high performance.

A render of Apple's rumored next-gen Apple Silicon-powered Mac Pro (Image via Jon Prosser)
A render of Apple’s rumored next-gen Apple Silicon-powered Mac Pro (Image via Jon Prosser)

MacDailyNews Take: In contrast to the first Apple Silicon Mac Pro, never will you have spent so much on a Mac with so little excitement than when you have to purchase the last Mac with Intel inside, even if it is a Mac Pro.

Everyone handing over that purchase order will do so with a sigh of resignation. Apple should codename the thing “Bite the Bullet.”

The good news is that each one will be able to heat virtually any size office all by itself!

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  1. It makes sense. Time is money for pros who actually need that power to do their work effectively. And if they need it now, and the latest Intel Mac Pro is available now (not the Apple Silicon version later in 2022 or even 2023), then they get it now. It’s not being released for me (or 99% of Mac users). This final new Mac with Intel will continue on in lineup for a few more years.

  2. Mistake IMHO – if this “report” is true.
    If the Mac Pro on Apple Silicon needs more time to get it right? Then don’t release a new Pro. Wait until 2023. Releasing an Intel based Mac Pro means the Apple Silicon based Mac Pro release is now years away (“2 year transition”?). That means, 6 years from now, relatively few Mac computers will be holding MacOS code hostage even longer (support for the Intel based). All Apple Silicon starts the time clock to eventually stop supporting Intel code needs/clean out the MacOS code.

    Intel has taken repeated pot shots at Apple — IMO embarrassing themselves doing it — but this actually feeds that reality. An actual good and real intel commercial: “Apple, for all its Apple Silicon bluster, when building their most powerful PC they knew there to come for computing power”.

    Apple Silicon isn’t just a SOC/chip that lives in a vacuum. Apple Silicon is merging Apple devices together. Simplifying the ecosystem code. it is Apple, once and for all, taking complete control of its HW and SW design — E Plurbus Unum. It can’t be emphasized enough how much control of A to Z gives them a singular advantage.

    Reality check for Apple: Everyone knows you want everything on Apple Silicon. You think a VERY expensive Intel Mac Pro will be snapped up? by buyers knowing in a few years this expensive device will be worth a handful of Apple Polishing Cloths and one used Gen 1 AirPods?

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