UK orders in-depth probe of Nvidia’s acquisition of chip designer Arm

The United Kingdom on Tuesday ordered an in-depth investigation of Nvidia’s planned $50 billion-plus acquisition of British chip designer Arm, another hurdle for a deal that is being carefully examined in every major tech market.

Arm Ltd. logo

Arm Ltd.’s primary business is in the design of ARM processors (CPUs) and other chips, DS-5, RealView, and Keil software development tools, systems and platforms, system-on-a-chip (SoC) infrastructure, and other software.

Paul Sandle for Reuters:

Arm, Britain’s most important tech company that was sold to Japan’s SoftBank in 2016, licenses its blueprints to major chipmakers such as Apple, Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics, underpinning the global smartphone ecosystem.

Britain said in light of Arm’s position at the heart of the industry, it would investigate the impact a sale would have on competition and national security, joining the United States, China and the European Union in launching lengthy investigations.

Nvidia has pledged to maintain the neutrality that has been central to Arm’s success, with more than 200 billion chips shipped to-date and its technology powering nearly all smartphones.

MacDailyNews Take: A corporate “pledge” is not worth a bucket of warm spit. No one with a brain seriously believes Nvidia wouldn’t be sorely tempted to take Arm’s best tech for itself. If they own it, why wouldn’t they?

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  1. … and, even if nVIDA continues to license, they’ll use ARM to build specific and advantage-based technology internal for only nVIDIA. In about 5 years time, ARM will be licensing behind the times, ancient crap and nVIDIA will just have to shut that portion of the business down. Duh…

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