Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp joins Jony Ive’s ‘LoveFrom’ design firm

Pinterest Inc said on Thursday co-founder Evan Sharp is leaving the company to join LoveFrom, a firm led by former Apple designer Jony Ive and renowned industrial designer Marc Newson.

'LoveFrom' design firm cofounded by Jony Ive and Marc Newson finally launches official website
‘LoveFrom’ design firm was cofounded by Jony Ive and Marc Newson


Sharp built Pinterest’s original platform and oversaw its rapid growth in the past decade, and most recently served as the company’s chief design and creative officer.

Ive co-founded design firm LoveFrom with fellow designer Marc Newson. “LoveFrom is a creative collective,” the firm’s website says. Its clients include home rental company Airbnb Inc and Italian luxury car maker Ferrari.

MacDailyNews Take: Via the Pinterest newsroom:

Today Evan Sharp announced that he will be transitioning from his full-time role as Chief Design & Creative Officer into an advisory role focused on company strategy, product, design, brand and culture. He will continue to serve on our Board of Directors.

As our co-founder, Evan has played an invaluable part in building Pinterest and leading its evolution from a visual discovery engine to a global inspiration platform. In addition to designing and building the original Pinterest product, Evan has overseen our product strategy and user experience, including architecting our Shopping and Creator platforms, and has innovated countless ways of ensuring Pinterest realizes its ambition to be the most positive and inspiring place online.

Evan will be joining Jony Ive and the creative collective at LoveFrom. The team at Pinterest wishes Evan all the best and is grateful for his heart and work that helped to make Pinterest what it is today.

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  1. Well, at least Pinterest has a solid minimalist design that is visually engaging and contains visitor value. Moving to the new design gig, what are you going to do, golf or fly fish all day?

    As opposed to the poorest excuse for high end design I have ever seen. Offering NOTHING of value and a total waste of time.

    A grade school kid with a Mac and the font Baskerville Serial Regular installed could type up the same so called design in less than 10 minutes.

    We are still living with the minimalist confusing icon designs Ive introduced with iOS7. Now that iOS15 is out, we lived with this visual eyesore, replacing beautiful eye candy from Forstall and Jobs, for far too long.

    Jony’s gone, time for a BIG change. Scott, Apple needs your magic…

    1. It’s because they are arrogant pricks living off their past accomplishments. The obscenely large text is an eyesore, you can’t even read it without moving away from your screen. I suppose you need to be a super-special elite to contact them since there’s nothing on the website besides their navel-gazing “mission statement”. Ive without Jobs is a fish out of water, he’s made his millions though, he should just go away.

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