Apple releases Safari 15.1 beta with Favorites Bar back where it belongs

Apple today seeded a new beta of Safari 15.1 for macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina, moving the Favorites Bar back where it belongs, above the Tab bar, as it was before Apple tried to make changes to Safari for change’s sake.

Apple releases Safari 15.1 beta with Favorites Bar back where it belongs
Apple’s Safari icon

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Apple in ‌macOS Monterey‌ overhauled the look of Safari, debuting a new tab design that has proven to be unpopular with users.

Apple has been refining the Safari design since then, and the changes coming in Monterey were made available to ‌macOS Big Sur‌ and macOS Catalina users with the launch of Safari 15.

Registered developers can download the Safari 15.1 beta by logging in and then navigating to the More Downloads section. The latest versions of ‌macOS Big Sur‌ or macOS Catalina are required to install the beta.

MacDailyNews Take: “Apple has been refining the Safari design,” in other words: unwinding counterintuitive, upside-down, arbitrary changes that never should have made it out the door, even as beta, in the first place.

As Steve Jobs might have said, if Bert Lance didn’t beat him to it: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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  1. I pretty much hate everything they’ve done to Safari. When I try to save a web page to my reading list (Command-D) it crashes every time. You always have to click the reading list name to show, when it used o stay open. The current tab being gray is friggin’ stupid, etc. I guess the software engineers have to act like they’re earning their pay by doing anything, whether it sucks or not.

    1. Yup. On both the Mac OS and on iOS it is now rendering/loading sites incorrectly that still render and load the just fine in other browsers, on the same operating systems. Apple’s modern engineers stink, and I can’t help but think it’s generational. There is no reason to so radically alter user functionality so drastically between short releases, and as I’ve stated before, this kind of UI inconsistency would have made heads roll during the Jobs era. If this had been the state of things in 1998, there would have been no resurgence of Apple. Apple’s younger engineers are s***, nearly all the way around.

  2. This is the kind of atrocity AppleFcknyc would have celebrated, Because he was a contrarian facknyc which loved causing trouble for the heck of it. Thankfully he can only screw up the afterlife these days.

  3. I must say, they really did screw the pooch on this one. I actually like the idea of the url bar on the bottom in iOS, but I pretty much hate everything else they did with Safari, especially on desktop.

    I have one simple request: make all the frequently used toolbar buttons accessible with one click, rather than having to go down a rathole. How about starting with the bookmark button? Incomprehensible that I still have to go into a menu to find the bookmark button. This from the company that pretty much developed modern day user experience? There are a handful of things that Apple products do that are just embarrassing – like copying and pasting URLs, not being able to create a new contact from the Dock icon, etc. Just flaky crap that should have been ironed out a long time ago.

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