Apple fires Ashley Gjøvik for allegedly leaking confidential information

After months of Ashley Gjøvik tweeting openly about allegations of harassment, surveillance, and workplace safety at Apple, the comppany has fired the senior engineering program manager for allegedly violating the company’s rules against leaking confidential information.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Gjøvik, a senior engineering program manager at Apple, filed a charge with the U.S. National Labor Relations Board on August 26th, claiming harassment by a manager, reduction of responsibilities and increases in unfavorable work, among other complaints.

Zoe Schiffer for The Verge:

Gjøvik has raised concerns that her office is in an Apple building located on a superfund site, meaning it requires special oversight due to historical waste contamination. She also says that she faced harassment and bullying from her manager and members of her team. More recently, she’s begun raising privacy concerns related to Apple’s policies on how it can search and surveil employees’ work phones.

She was placed on administrative leave in early August while Apple investigated some of these concerns — a placement she says she requested as a last resort…

[On Thursday], Gjøvik received an email that her employment at Apple was being terminated, effective [Friday].

MacDailyNews Take: We see no mention of using Twitter to report harassment, discrimination, workplace safety, or to comment on any internal business or investigations in Apple’s Business Conduct Policy guidelines for Apple employees.

“We are and have always been deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace,” the company said in a statement. “We take all concerns seriously and we thoroughly investigate whenever a concern is raised.”


  1. Gee, what does a girl — who thought she was the female Steve Jobs, but finally realized that she’s a dime-a-dozen nobody and that’s all she’ll ever be — have to do to get fired in the hopes of a fat settlement?

    Two different colored eyes, not particularly attractive, ugly low class tattoos… Always plays the “victim” card because she lacks any real talent.

    Let’s see: Claim sexism, harassment, violate the NDA repeatedly… oh, I know, “environmental concerns!”

    She threw the kitchen sink at it and it finally worked for her, unlike her “career” that was going nowhere, for obvious reasons.

    America 2021: Why work hard when you can just invent “claims” and try to land a nice settlement to make you go away?

    1. It’s so helpful how well you articulate the sensibilities of some of our parents and grandparents, those who are losing their grip on societal leadership and finding their worlds growing ever smaller, like their impact and power to affect change. Reduced to hyperbole and histrionics, the only flailing movements you can make are impulsive spams toward vapid conservative totems, not realizing their effect is little more than noise. Please continue to post, as your words help us clarify the shape of the world receding in the rearview mirror, and by negation, make us recognize ever more clearly the rich and beautiful landscape coming into view.

  2. Looking at Ashley Grøvik’s social media and personal website, she seems to be a very troubled person who is disgruntled with the world. This, combined with the fact that she’s getting a law degree, seem to suggest that she intends to do as much damage to Apple as possible on her way out the door. Critical race theory and intersectional feminism are not good for one’s mental health.

  3. Thanks Ashley…I’m not sure I’m “losing their grip on societal leadership and finding their worlds growing ever smaller,” that Harriet implies, but APPL is down about $7 from the all-time-high and it’s one of the news posts that can challenge the stock. So–thanks for that.

    Now that you’re free, maybe you could get your own blog and write about stuff that would be “impulsive spams toward vapid liberal totems, not realizing their effect is little more than noise”? Call Harriet if you need a right hand man-woman.

  4. I wouldn’t say that any company deserves this, but Apple has been tickling the tail of the “woke” dragon for a while and it appears that it’s coming back to bite them in a number of areas.With the CSAM on-device scanning debacle (which they stubbornly still have not put to rest), recent employee complaints, government regulation looming, Apple may have forfeited its magic and things like this are symptoms. Sad.

  5. When you put enough of these virtue signaling superiority complex ridden crackpots into one building or when a company has a great many of them on its payroll, it’s just a matter of human nature mixed with a little time before they start eating their own. This usually happens with this sort. And I’m not just speaking about this one lady either! There’s more to come from Apple with their drama lamas. Break out the popcorn!

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