Apple hires ex-Mercedes engineers for ‘Apple Car’ team

Apple has hired two former Mercedes engineers to join the company, likely as part of its “Project Titan” effort to continue development of an “Apple Car.”

Apple hires ex-Mercedes engineers for 'Apple Car' team

Sami Fathi for MacRumors:

The leading new hire previously worked at Mercedes, focusing on mass production of vehicles, vehicle steering, dynamics, and software and project management. The hire, now working as a product design engineer at Apple at its “Special Projects Group,” also previously worked at Porsche, undertaking similar responsibilities. A second engineer who previously worked at Mercedes has also recently been tapped by Apple to join the company, MacRumors has learned.

While Apple has invested in its in-house talent over the past years, it will also need to rely on third parties to help it get the wheels moving. Apple is reportedly in discussions with several suppliers, including its most significant, Foxconn, and carmakers regarding a partnership. The talks and discussions have so far not materialized into any formal deal.

MacDailyNews Take: Someday.


  1. Unless it flies or something, Apple car is a complete waste of money. I hope the Apple car is a cover for something else.

    The killer app for self-driving cars is when there is no one able to drive. This would be like bringing kids home from school, or allowing the user to sleep while on the highway or returning from a bar. But “half measure” self driving cars might unexpectedly hand control back to the user at any time. Those are worse then nothing.

    But an AI that good would be stocking shelves in a grocery store, building houses, or sorting recyclables before it would be trusted to drive a car. We’d see those things first.

    1. Nope. Of those three articles, only the recycler involves the AI actually moving physical objects around at all. The Kroger does nothing but detect that a shelf is empty and call humans – it doesn’t even suggest what item ought to be on the shelf!

    2. Love these articles, good examples. AI is the future and we can see it already. Can’t wait for a safer smarter driving experience! Come on apple iCar.

      1. i know right, i can’t wait to see AI and the future of the military and police. Soon we can replace all the “unqualified” cops and soldiers with AI robots that never question orders. I can’t wait for a “safer” and “smarter” enforcement experience.

  2. Apple iCar with compete social control. Say the wrong words, express a unapproved thought and the doors lock and drive you to underground containment centers for social programming. No thanks! Apple is the woke police and Tim is the grey haired nanny state warden.

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